My Week in Food

Pickled Okra and Beans

Started the week off with a little pickling project for a fundraising event we co-hosted with my brother. The theme had Southern roots, so I did up okra and green beans in a quick brine.


The pickles were tasty, but it was the biscuits and fried chicken that stole the show for most of our guests.

Slow roasted Eggplant with Tahini

As for myself, I was most enamoured with the eggplant that my brother slow roasted for the better part of the day under a wood fire. The tahini dressing was a departure from the theme, but nobody seemed to mind.

Pluot Crisp

The dessert my sister-in-law did up for the occasion was a fair match for the rest of the meal. Pluot Crisp with juicy stripes. 

Coconut Chips

Dang! it was a good meal. Also good is this toasted coconut business. Have you tried this stuff? It’s crack disguised as crispy coconut. Lucky for me it comes in small packages and is too pricey to purchase with any regularity.

Raspberry Muffins

The kids gave a Dang! to these whole grain raspberry muffins this week. They’re still a work in progress, but feel free to check out this muffin recipe, which would be deelicious using raspberries instead of ollaliberries.

Olaf endorses grapes

On the subject of fruit, here’s yet another reason to love that silliest of snowmen, Olaf. Unlike so many of his Hollywood counterparts, he’s chosen to endorse a food that’s actually good for kids. Grapes!


On the opposite of the spectrum is this “diet water” for kids I read about over on the blog Snack Girl. It’s a no calorie flavored water with ingredients you need a chemist to translate for you. #seriously?!!

BLT Chop Salad Fixings

Favorite supper this week was a BLT chopped salad with avocado and cucumber tossed in for good measure.

BLT Chopped Salad

I made whole grain croutons for the bread part of the equation and relied on this tried and true vinaigrette to dress the whole thing. Easy weeknight supper that everyone loved.

Huevos Rancheros

Something else to love are these breakfast, lunch, or supper-worthy huevos rancheros with a hatch chile salsa that I have on my cooking to do list. Yes, please.

How was your Week in Food?


09.26.2014 at10:57 AM #

Pam R

What a delicious week! Can’t wait for the raspberry muffin recipe. Clicking on the link to the ollalaberry muffin recipe made me sad about Marion Cunningham all over again. It also made me want to bake something from the Breakfast Book (which btw, has the best pancake recipe).

09.26.2014 at10:57 AM #

Katie Morford

Love that breakfast book. I don’t know if I’ve made those pancakes, though. Will do.

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