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Mushroom Goulash

We’re finally getting some cold weather here in California (or at least chilly by our standards), which calls for comfort food, starting with this homey  Hungarian Mushroom Goulash from Sarah Copeland’s vegetarian cookbook Feast. The mushrooms did such a fine job in their meaty role, we didn’t even miss the beef.

Coconut Curry Red Lentil Soup

Traveling the  comfort food globe seemed to be a bit of a theme this week, since I also made a big pot of Aush, the most delicious of Afghan soups. I urge you to try it if you haven’t already. And then there was this pretty Coconut Red Lentil number, which gets its flavor primarily from spicy Thai curry.

Meatball Broccoli Bake

Far less exotic, but always a kid favorite, was a batch of Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs I made one night.  On Day Two, I sliced up the leftover meatballs, tossed them with the remaining sauce, along with steamed broccoli and cooked penne. A shower of Mozzarella crowned the top and the whole thing got blasted under a broiler. Yum.


In the past, I might have done that  dish up with brown rice instead of pasta, but I’ve been curtailing my rice intake of late, since arsenic in rice doesn’t seem to be letting up. Pregnant mamas and parents of little ones especially may want to watch how much rice is showing up on your table. You can find out more over on Fooducate.


On a lighter note, this was a colorful lunch one day of  Lavash Pizza and a little batch of DIY trail mix. Keeping containers of cut up vegetables on hand makes that part of the school lunch equation a no brainer.

CupcakesIt hasn’t been all savory around here, Rosie baked up a batch of  finger-licking cupcakes for a friend’s birthday, packing them up and hauling them to school one day. Lucky for me, she couldn’t fit every last one in the Tupperware. Me + cupcakes + at home with nobody to supervise = a problem in the best possible way.

The Kitchn cookbook
The  cupcake recipe is a one-bowl-wonder from the dessert chapter of The Kitchn Cookbook, which has been a beloved bedtime read of late. It’s also a favorite of food writer Cheryl Sternman Rule, who  included it in her terrific review of 2014 cookbooks.

Specialties-BernalCutlery-217-900x400With the holidays approaching, and all the cooking that entails, I  hauled my knives into Bernal Cutlery for a sharpening tune-up. These guys are nice-as-can-be, know everything about knives, and have very kindly located themselves across the street from Tartine Bakery. Go there if you live in San Francisco. If you don’t, consider finding a good knife sharpener in your neck of the woods; it makes for better, easier, and safer cooking.

Pomegranate BushThis was a real highlight this week: After seven fruitless years, my pomegranate bush finally decided to sprout two bright beautiful globes. Sadly, the birds got to them before I did.

Thanksgiving tablescapeI had envisioned those pomegranates on my Thanksgiving table, but store-bought mandarins had to suffice. I’m still recovering from being outwitted by birds.

Smoke Turkey GreenbergsNobody seemed to notice my tablescape on Thanksgiving, what with the smells coming from the kitchen, starting with this smoky bird sent by mail from a friend who swears by these famous Texas turkeys.

Three turkeysWhich we had along with two other birds, one roasted the old school way and one deep fried in the back yard. If you live in a 100 mile radius and need turkey leftovers, stop by. We can set you up.

Thanksgiving DessertsTurkey abundance aside, I did leave room for pie this year, but opted for the one NOT pictured…. a totally non-traditional but crazy-good chocolate cream number that was chilling in the fridge when I snapped this photo. The apple crisp and pumpkin pie? Saved those for breakfast.


Homemade Turkey Broth

And lest you haven’t heard enough of my proselytizing about homemade broth, here is a “how to” on turning your leftover turkey bones into turkey broth. It may not change your life, but it will change your soup.

How was your Week in Food?





11.29.2014 at6:49 AM #


Hi ! the link is broken for the- Hungarian Mushroom Goulash from Sarah would this recipe be anyplace else ?

11.29.2014 at6:49 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks for bringing that to my attention…and apologies! I just re-linked to the recipe. Hope you enjoy it.

11.29.2014 at11:42 AM #


Hey, friend! Thanks for including me here. I’m glad you mentioned Sarah’s book because I’ve been meaning to bring it down from the shelf and cook from it more often. It’s such a beauty.

Any opinions on rice cookers with all the rice controversy? I love my rice cooker, but now that new guidelines recommend boiling and draining to reduce arsenic, it’s tough to know if rice cookers are no longer a recommended appliance.


11.29.2014 at11:42 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Cheryl

Such a great question regarding the rice cooker. You and your kids aren’t in a high risk category, but it really depends on how much and how often you eat rice. As far as I can tell, there are no published recommendations at this point with regards to rice intake and safety. It’s nebulous. I don’t have a rice cooker, but if I did, I could see using it occasionally just because it’s so darn convenient and makes such good rice, but boiling really is the safer way to go. I would follow the other recommendations of choosing a variety with lower arsenic levels (basmati from California and sushi rice, for example) and rinsing it well. A recent report found significantly lower levels of arsenic in white rice than brown, which is a real bummer since brown is so much more nourishing (my kids will be delighted by this news). Perhaps you could consider experimenting with alternative grains in your rice cooker as well. Quinoa and millet are notably low in arsenic. Hope that helps.

And yes, get down that copy of Feast. Good stuff in there.


11.29.2014 at4:40 PM #


I made the coconut red lentil soup for Thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit!! Everyone loved it!!

11.29.2014 at4:40 PM #

Katie Morford

So glad the soup was a success. I so appreciate getting that feedback. Thank you!

12.01.2014 at9:15 AM #

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

You have a pomegranate bush! That is so awesome!

12.01.2014 at9:15 AM #

Katie Morford

Next year I will do my best to get to the pomegranates before the birds do.

12.01.2014 at9:48 AM #

Cynthia Jones

Just sharing that my family had the good fortune to be guests at Thanksgiving this year & the host cooked the turkey a totally new way to me – it was smoked & then slow cooked in a wood-pellet cooker – looked like a small outside grill but heated by pellets. It was wonderful – evenly cooked & moist w/slight smoky flavor. He cooked a kosher turkey so no need to brine.
Not to that there was no big mess to clean up!
Can’t wait to try those soups Katie!

12.01.2014 at9:48 AM #

Katie Morford

Nice to a be guest…and that turkey sounds amazing.

12.01.2014 at9:49 AM #

Cynthia Jones

Oops – meant to type “not to mention” that there was no big mess…

12.11.2014 at1:06 PM #


What a week~~~~~~~amazing!!

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