My Week in Food

In addition to Thanksgiving prep, this week involved a little road trip to LA to visit family and friends. Here’s what we got up to, snapped with my iphone.

Spent a few nights with my friend Francey, who made nourishing smoothies each morning that the kids lapped up like chocolate milk. In addition to frozen fruit, Francey stocks frozen chopped spinach, which goes right into the blender, keeping smoothies frosty cold without having to fuss over stemming, chopping, and washing. I’m taking that tip home with me.

Went to Pizza Antica in Santa Monica where the highlight was a killer brussels sprout salad: roasted brussels, caramelized onions, chopped egg, little croutons, bacon, lots of pepper. I’m going to work on getting the recipe, which might not be too hard since my brother oversees the kitchen. I’ll share it with you if I do.

Headed south from LA for a visit to…drumroll…Disneyland. Was happy to see the lunch offerings included this carved-to-order turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with veggies, fruit, and milk.

Which meant there was room to share one of these beauties. My teeth are still recovering.

Back home again, had a lazy morning making a batch of whole-grain ebelskivers filled with tender, diced apples. For the uninitiated, ebelskivers are like little pancake pillows with sweet or savory fillings.

And then Thanksgiving was upon on. With a bit of coaching, Isabelle made this Belgian-style apple pie, featured in the current issue of Martha Stewart Living.

The pie was beautiful. The mess from a 14-year-old let loose in the kitchen? Epic.

And of course, the turkey. My brother ran under this operation. A giant pot set over a wood burning fire, filled with vegetable oil heated to 350 degrees. The turkey fried in 25 minutes flat and was the best I’ve ever eaten. Tip: don’t try this at home unless you have your very own chef on hand to do it for you.

How was your week in food. What was the highlight of your Thanksgiving table? Do tell.


11.23.2012 at10:23 PM #


Impressive! Don’t you love visiting friends who share your food values and whip up nourishing smoothies every morning? All of this sounds so yummy and is making me crave a trip to healthy California. 🙂

11.23.2012 at10:23 PM #

Katie Morford

Shared food values is a definite plus when it comes to sharing company!

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