My Week in Food

Easy Strawberry MilkSince it was all about Valentine’s Day this week, I was thinking pink, as in Strawberry Milk. Not the Nesquik version, mind you, but a homespun recipe made by mixing 1 cup milk, 1 handful frozen strawberries, and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract in a blender until smooth and frothy. Add honey to taste, a teaspoon at a time, until it pleases your palate.

Chicken Parmesan

It was a week of celebrations, including a birthday for Mr. Mom’s Kitchen. I tore a recipe for Chicken Parmesan from the New York Times and did up a batch big enough to get us through the bday dinner and another one besides. Fun to make and great for a crowd. You can find my lighter (and perhaps less labor intensive) version of Chicken Parm by going here.

Make-Your-Own-Panini Night

The Italian theme continued into the week with a “no time to cook” dinner, otherwise known as Panini Night. I did a quick saute of kale in olive oil with salt and a pinch of red pepper flakes. A baguette, prosciutto, Dubliner cheese, mustard, and olive oil completed our little buffet. We don’t own a panini press, so I used a skillet and set a giant pot on top of the sandwiches as they got crispy on the stove.

School Lunch

New discovery this week, single serve boxes of soup from Pacific Foods. Not a bad option when you’re short on time for packing lunches. Plus, they’re awfully cute.

Mushroom and Potato Tacos

Knowing we were headed out of town for the long weekend, I was determined to leave with an empty fridge, which meant turning the odds and ends into taco fixings. I did up a pan of onions, potatoes, mushrooms, and cilantro. Spooned onto griddled corn tortillas with a simple guacamole, it was plainly and strangely delicious. Proof of my theory that you can put anything in a tortilla, add avocado, and call it dinner.

Mexican Beet and Citrus Salad

Pulled together a salad to go alongside those tacos of beets, oranges, lime juice, and more cilantro. Bright and flavorful.

josey baker bread

Our getaway involved a visit with friends in Utah, so I stopped at The Mill for a hostess gift of freshly baked loaves. This beautiful bakery/coffee shop makes wonderful breads by a baker who is actually named Josey Baker.  For real.

King Cake

Speaking of baking, on Tuesday, my middle daughter decided we needed King Cake , STAT (thank you Instagram for educating her on the rituals of Mardi Gras). Using this recipe from Joy the Baker, she made her cake despite the fact that we had six varieties of flour, none of them the requisite all-purpose flour. We shared a “why can’t your buy plain old white flour” moment, but in the end, the cake turned out wonderfully festive. 
IMG_4124New discovery this week: Tater Tats. That’s right, temporary tattoos festooned with vegetables as a fun way to get kids excited about fresh, seasonal produce.  It’s an idea started by Jenna Weller, a Michigan farmer passionate about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating. This sweet lady is doing a kickstarter campaign to fund production. Check out what she has to say and consider supporting her creative endeavor by going here.

Big news this week from Nestle, maker of  multiple candy brands.  They’ve committed to removing artificial flavors and FDA-certified colors such as red dye 40 and yellow 5 from its candies by the end of 2015. Progress!

spruceBragging rights by proxy this week: President Obama was in town on Friday, and guess where he chose to dine? At my brother’s restaurant, where he holed up in a private room with a group of fellow movers and shakers. My brother is keeping mum as to what the president ordered and if he cleaned his plate.

How was your Week in Food?


02.20.2015 at7:53 AM #

Mohammad Idheileh

Thanks for such important information !!!

02.20.2015 at8:10 AM #

Cassie @ Almost Getting it Together

My week in food was pretty good! My boyfriend’s flight was canceled until Tuesday night so I got two days of actual dinners and not single-girl dinners haha. We made spelt-crust pizzas on Monday and had a great dinner out Tuesday. Other than that – lots of salads, overnight oats and I made random quinoa and roast veggies bowls!

02.20.2015 at8:10 AM #

Katie Morford

Sounds like a pretty tasty Week in Food. Just read your post, sorry to hear about your car but looking forward to hearing about Lazy Bear. Haven’t been!

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