My Week in Food

Asian Noodle Salad Bowl

Favorite meal of the week was this shoot-from-the-hip noodley (is that a word?) Asian salad built on leftovers. The fixings? Udon tossed with shredded cabbage, pickled vegetables, roasted peanuts, and a splash of rice vinegar, fish sauce, and cilantro.

Banh Mi Fixings

This was where it all started the evening before when friends gathered around a  Saturday night Banh Mi Bar (I know, wild night). It was a hit, in large part because of that jar of crazy good pickled veggies and a lemongrass marinade that went on the meat, both courtesy of the Banh Mi Handbook.

Lighten Up Y'all

On the subject of handbooks, I’m positively smitten with this one all about lightened up Southern classics written with enormous heart by Virginia Willis. If you’re interested in food from the South or appreciate good writing that will make you interested in food from the South, it’s worth a gander.

Baby butternut

Looky here: the world’s tiniest butternut squash (posing with a bosc pear for perspective). Couldn’t pass these babies by at the farmers’ market and nearly couldn’t bring myself to put them into the oven.

Tex Mex Butternut SquashBut alas, I did. After halving and roasting them until tender, I filled them with a Tex Mex turkey mash up, added shredded Jack cheese, and stuck it all under the broiler until bubbly. 
Whole Roasted Parmesan RomescoAlso done in the oven was this roasted romesco, cooked whole at 400 degrees until a knife inserted into the center met little resistance. Then, I brushed it with olive oil, sprinkled it generously with Parmesan cheese, and put it back in the oven to brown. It went onto the center of the table and the child barbarians took the whole thing down in no time. You can find instructiosn for something similar using cauliflower over on Cooking Light. 

Berry Yogurt and Granola Parfait

I’m trying to keep my chin up with the ongoing parade of winter produce, but I’m getting antsy for spring, which is probably why I caved and bought not local, not seasonal, shipped from who-knows-where blackberries and blueberries and relished every bite.

Smoked salmon and buckwheat crepeps

This was the prettiest meal of the week from one of my favorite lunch spots in San Francisco: 20th Century Cafe. The food has a decidedly feminine touch (thanks to its female owner) as evidenced by this plate of buckwheat crepes, smoked salmon, and the craziest good deviled egg ever.

Waffles!I’m nearing the home stretch on my cookbook manuscript and this week involved more experiments with waffles than a person should have to endure. If you need waffles, come raid my freezer, I could feed you, your children, and their classmates for an entire week.

Waffle Bar To GoWhich, of course, breeds creativity, as in this school lunch, which I marketed to my youngest as a “waffle sundae bar”. I don’t know if she bought it, but she did eat it. 

Breakfast Quinoa

A simple breakfast quinoa with all the fixings was a welcome change. You’ll find the how-to for that by going here.

4475a05f4a4950bcda037716be04cc14f2af14b4Took the girls to see McFarland, a touching movie with a message about perseverance and beating the odds, I especially appreciated a secondary story line about immigrant farm workers and the hard labor (even by children) involved in getting food from our fields to our tables. Highly recommended.

Chocolate and vanilla almond milk

Also recommended is My Milk Manifesto, an article by physician and writer David Katz who touches on the ideological divide of so many nutrition topics . He digs deeper into controversies around milk than I covered in my Five Trendy Foods post. Worth a read.


On a far lighter note, I’d like to discuss champagne, which I felt obliged to pop open this week when I learned Mom’s Kitchen Handbook was named one of three “best blog” finalists in the International Association of Culinary Professionals awards.  It’s sort of like the Golden Globes of food professionals (minus the cleavage and Harry Winston). Whoa!

Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

I’m floored by the nomination, largely because there are so many inspiring food professionals doing beautiful work. Case in point is Family Style Food by chef and food stylist Karen Tedesco. Go have a look-see. It will make you want to cook, starting with those Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies.

How was your Week in Food?



03.07.2015 at8:52 AM #

Anne Mullen

Congratulations on your nomination. If I had some champagne I’d be toasting you.

03.07.2015 at8:52 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Anne!

03.07.2015 at12:46 PM #

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition

So excited for your nomination–that is BIG EXCITING STUFF! And well deserved. You do such a great job with your blog. Crossing my fingers for you (but of course, it truly IS an honor to be nominated!).

03.07.2015 at12:46 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Sally…means a lot coming from you. I’m sort of pinching myself, to be honest.

03.09.2015 at10:32 AM #


All of these meals look delicious!! I have also caved and bought some berries as well – hurry up spring! Thanks for the meal inspiration and have a great week!

03.09.2015 at10:32 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Allie. This blog has always been a labor of love…it’s nice to get a bit of recognition for the hard work 🙂

03.09.2015 at11:01 AM #


Congratulations on your nomination. That is so exciting and such a great accomplishment.

03.09.2015 at5:33 PM #

Lauren @ Eating with a Purpose

Congratulations! As a West Coaster now living in New Orleans, I would love some “lighter” Southern ideas. Thanks!

03.09.2015 at5:33 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Lauren. Yes, Lighten Up, Y’all is worth picking up. Very inspiring.

03.10.2015 at2:54 PM #

Shveta Berry

Congrats on the nom! Love that you are getting recognized for your great work.

03.10.2015 at2:54 PM #

Katie Morford

Aw…thank you Shveta. I really appreciate the comment.

03.17.2015 at5:11 AM #


I’m finally catching up on your posts (moving last week whew) -huge congratulations to you! So exciting and it’s really too bad harry W. isn’t involved!

03.17.2015 at5:11 AM #

Katie Morford

So nice to hear from you. I’m enjoying your dispaches from Korea via Instagram. And thank you!

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