My Week in Food

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It’s been so many weeks since My Week in Food, I’ll just hit the highlights, starting with a breakfast shared with Erin Scott, who has a magic touch when it comes to all things pretty. You can find that gorgeous, gluten-free Almond Torte in her Yummy Supper cookbook.


Decidedly NOT gluten free was this “I could be in Paris” baguette, which we dug into at a pretty little cafe in the pretty little town of Hudson, New York. We were road tripping there for Spring break.

Aperol Spritz / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

We also spent Easter in New York, where my sister did up cherry blossom branches with dangling Easter eggs and kicked off the festivies with an Aperol Spritz bar. Don’t mind if I do.

Easter Brunch / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Before we headed East, though, we hosted a pre-Easter brunch featuring our  longstanding tradition of cinnamon rolls. With no time for homemade this year, we picked up the kind that comes in a cardboard tube at Trader Joe’s. The fact that dough can be jammed into a container the size of a juice can and then come out picture perfect is sort of miraculous, no?

Airplane Snack Box / Mom's Kitchen Handbook Packed up brunch leftovers for the plane trip across the country. Beats an airline snack box any day.

Bare Naked Snacks / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

This well-timed gift from the Bare Snacks folks was also handy on the road. Have you tried those coconut chips? #addiction

Beefsteak Salad / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

My favorite East Coast food find was Beefsteak, a new restaurant by Jose Andres, an award-winning chef with a string of high end eateries. This time around, though, he’s turned his energy to what he calls “Good Food Fast,” serving affordable meals that are 90 percent vegetables. The place was packed and it was indeed good, fast food. Here’s hoping veg-centric restaurants are contagious.

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

More on the slow food end of the spectrum was this showstopper of a chocolate cake, which greeted us on a visit with my friend Sarah Copeland. She’s got my number.

FullSizeRender (53)Speaking of sweets, if you’re a cookie lover and a baker, this may just need to be in your home library. I spied co-author Kate Leahy in the elevator at a food conference and had an immediate case of hair envy (she’s got killer bangs). We ended up having dinner the next day and now I love her work as much as I love her hair.

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While out of town, I missed all three of the fundraisers at all three of my kids’ schools. In lieu of attending, I donated these “Lunch Box Survival Kits” to the auctions.  There were rumors of bidding wars. There were rumors of no bidding at all. I choose to believe the former.

Spaghetti and Clams / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Closer to home, my new favorite place to hang my hat is near enough to walk from the house and worth the effort. Red Hill Station in Bernal Heights serves fish and seafood in a charming space that makes me remember why I’ll take a little neighborhood spot over a swanky affair every time.

Artichokes from the garden

These beauties from the garden greeted me when I returned home. Artichokes may be the only ones that don’t mind the drought.

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After being out of the kitchen, it always (usually?) feels good to be back behind the stove. This “clean out the fridge” bruchetta bar (inspired by the one over at What Gaby’s Cooking) scored major points with the kids: grilled bread, mess of sauteed kale, pesto, ricotta, olives, prosciutto, roasted peppers, and whatever else you can dream up, cook up, or fish out from behind the milk.

Mile High Bagel Sandwich / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

A new favorite workday lunch: bagel slice, avocado, carrot, cucumber, tomato, turkey.

Open very very wide.


The cutest short stack ever, thanks to Virginia, lover of all things tiny. The recipe is going in my cookbook, so you’ll have to wait to make a tiny stack of your own.


What you won’t have to wait for is the recipes for these roasted carrots, headed for the oven. Recipe coming your way next week. Stay tuned!

podcast_242x206While I was roasting those carrots, I was listening to this podcast from the Meal Makeover Moms. It feels like having coffee with a couple of girlfriends while getting a good dose of nutriton know how in the process. Check it out.

fruits and vegetables

A happy note to end My Week in Food: Just learned of a program that puts faith in the power of produce for health and wellness. Read here  to learn how doctors are writing actual prescriptions so that those on a low income can be re-imbursed for fresh fruits and vegetables. I’d prefer an apple over an Advil any day.

How was your Week in Food?


04.17.2015 at3:19 AM #

[email protected]

Great post, Katie. I will be looking at the links you have shared (very interested in the Meal Makeover Moms podcast) when I have more time. But most of all… LOVE your little lunchbox for your airline meal! So cute and well-filled.

04.17.2015 at3:19 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Kellie. So nice to hear from you. Loving your Instagram feed!

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