My Week in Food

FullSizeRender (61)Started the week off with a Sunday supper where we grilled up a mess of Piri Piri Chicken and asked guests to bring potluck sides. The chicken didn’t disappoint, but it was my sister-in-law’s vegetables that stole the show. You can find tahini dressing similar to hers over on Cooking Light.

Pizza with Fig Jam and Goat Cheese / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

We had half of a jar of fig jam leftover from the cheese plate my cousin brought, which we repurposed on pizza topped with prosciutto, arugula and goat cheese. Excellent.

farmers market prepSunday also involved a homespun farmers’ market after the kids cleaned out what was ripe and ready in the garden. Based on their produce prices, it’s clear they need an education in what organic vegetables go for these days.

Flea Market Finds

Hit the flea market over the weekend and scored some goodies for the kitchen. I know of no better place to land on a sturdy cast iron skillet or copper pot without spending a small fortune.

Lentil and Chorizo Soup / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Said copper pot worked like a dream for this Lentil and Chorizo Stew from the KEEPERS cookbook. If you own that book, pull it out and make this. It’s easy, good for you, and everyone loved it.

Rotini with Tomato, Bacon, and Creme Fraiche / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

This was a keeper of my own making. Done on the fly after a pantry scrounge, I sauteed onions with a few slices of bacon, added a big can of plum tomatoes,  a pinch of red pepper flakes, and let it simmer for 20 minutes or so. Salt, pepper,  a spoonful of creme fraiche, and a couple of handfuls of chopped kale made it table ready.
Mini Banana Meringue Pudding / Mom's Kitchen HandbookVirginia got busy one night on these mini banana meringue puddings that were almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Banana Walnut Pancakes / Mom's  Kitchen Handbook

Speaking of bananas, we piled them onto whole grain pancakes with walnuts one morning. I keep a jar of pancake mix on the counter these days with instructions scrawled on tape so we all remember what goes into every batch. Saves us from having to pull out the recipe every time. 

Crispy Avocado Tacos / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

I got reacquainted with an old favorite this week: Crispy Avocado Tacos. MAKE THEM!


If you’re in the market for a slow cooker, I wished I’d seen this post from Snack Girl before I’d bought mine.rtr4vodi

Looks like fast food is moving in the right direction. Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are nixing artificial ingredients from menu items and…wait for it… McDonald’s is test marketing kale breakfast bowls in California and kale salad in Canada. Whoa.


Looking to next week,  I’m thinking the Lean Green Bean’s line up of  5-Ingredient Meals could come in handy.

How was your Week in Food?


06.04.2015 at10:39 AM #

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition

Thanks for the tip on the slow cooker post. The exact same thing happened to my slow cooker–the insert smashed in the sink. $80 sounds steep but also sounds like it might be worth it. Putting that one on my Amazon Wish List. Thanks Katie!

06.04.2015 at10:39 AM #

Katie Morford

Secretly hoping mine breaks too.

06.17.2015 at11:21 AM #

erin {yummy supper}

Hey lady, are you guys in Greece now? I’m living vicariously!
xoxo to you and your gang,

06.17.2015 at11:21 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Erin. Just back. Dreamy all around 🙂

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