My baby started high school a few weeks ago. Like her sisters before her, she has to get up and out earlier than ever before. When she asked me for ideas on making a quick breakfast, it felt like deja vu. I went to my computer and pulled up an old post. It’s one I wrote when Rosie headed off to high school just a few years ago … about the ache of our children growing up so fast and the practical matter of breakfast. I figured as long as I’m re-sharing it with my kids, I’d re-share it with you, too.

12 Breakfast for Busy Mornings 

I’m trying to be brave today. I’m not very good at brave when it comes to my children and growing up.

ER visits?  Gnarly splinters?  Friendship woes? Anything involving blood? I’m your gal.

Outgrowing a newborn onesie? First day of kindergarten? Graduation? You’ll find me I’m in a puddle of tears, handing the parenting reins to Mr. Mom’s Kitchen.

Which brings me back to being brave. My middle daughter, Rosie, started high school today. Brand new school with a fresh set of peers. She donned a uniform for the first time and traveled by city bus packed with commuters. She’ll be taking classes alongside boys who look like men. She’ll read the Odyssey, for goodness sake.

She’ll be okay, I tell myself. She’s so capable.

Already she’s taking care of things, starting with breakfast. Worried about her early departure, she asked me for ideas. Ones she can make the night before or are quicker in the morning than poached eggs.

I embraced her request with the enthusiasm of a first grader asked to take attendance.

This I could do. I couldn’t keep Rosie from growing up at what feels like warp speed, but I could tackle the question of breakfast.

So this is for Rosie on especially busy mornings. And it’s for you, too, because your kids are doing exactly the same thing mine are. Getting older, needing breakfast.

The aim is to get some protein into her, along with whole grains or wholesome carbs and healthy fats. Some of these meals are made the night before, others require a minute or two in the morning, several can be taken on the road, and all are easy enough for older kids to handle on their own.

I’ve provided simple instructions and a format that allows me (and you) to print it and paste it on the fridge for quick reference.

You’ll find more breakfast ideas here and a line up of open faced breakfast sandwiches here.

Rise and Shine

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