I’m a lazy cook. I don’t peel my tomatoes when I’m supposed to, hack my onions into a rough chop instead of a tidy dice, rarely salt eggplant before cooking it, and build elaborate shortcuts into cookbook recipes that are too fussy for my taste.

My excuse? I’m a mom. I’ve got places to go and people to feed. Which is exactly why I made up this Lazy Girl’s Enchilada Pie.

I’m crazy for enchiladas, but warming all those tortillas so they don’t crack, then filling, rolling, and tucking them one-by-one into a pan? It’s not for me. This layered business is more my style. It allows me time to make dinner AND run those errands (or perhaps just sit on the deck with a glass of summery wine before it’s time to eat). Nice.

Here’s how it goes down: Tortillas, refried beans, fresh corn, diced zucchini, enchilada sauce, and cheese get layered up in a cake pan to the tippy top. It’s finished with more cheese and then baked until bubbling. The recipe spells out the order of the layering, but it’s all very forgiving, so don’t worry if you haven’t got it quite right the first time.

Lazy Girl's Enchilada Pie by Mom's Kitchen Handbook

It’s also pretty darn healthy, as far as enchiladas go. The foundation of the dish is beans and veggies. I’m generous with the cheese, but it works out to just about an ounce per serving, not overkill from a nutrition front. Corn tortillas are whole grain…all the better if you seek out organic ones. Served with my standard Mexican side — shredded cabbage, carrots, red pepper, cilantro, a hefty squeeze of lime, a little olive oil, and salt — makes it that much more nourishing and adds great texture to the plate.

Best of all, kids go nuts for it. My niece Maggie, an enchilada amateur, along with my own three kids, gobbled it down with the sort of enthusiasm usually reserved for chocolate cupcakes.

So go be lazy. Make yourself some enchiladas.

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Lazy Girl's Enchilada Pie

This is at its very best when using fresh, summer corn. But if you are making it out of season and using frozen corn, figure about 1 1/2 cups defrosted corn kernels. If your crew isn't fond of corn or zucchini, you can substitute another vegetable or ground turkey meat.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 6 to 8 servings
Calories 308 kcal
Author katiemorford


  • 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 small red or yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 2 medium zucchini cut into a 1/3-inch dice
  • 2 ears corn, shucked and kernels cut from the cob (or 1 1/2 cups frozen corn that's been defrosted)
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Pinch salt
  • Nine 6-inch corn tortillas
  • One 15-ounce can low- or non-fat refried black or pinto beans
  • One 15-ounce can mild green enchilada sauce, divided
  • 2 cups coarsely grated Monterey Jack or Cheddar cheese(6 ounces), divided


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Pour the olive oil into a large skillet and set over medium-high heat. Add the onion and sauté until slightly tender, 2 1/2 minutes. Add the zucchini and corn and continue to sauté another 2 minutes or so until just tender, but not soft. Add the lime juice and pinch of salt, stir, and remove from heat.
  3. Lay 6 of the tortillas on your work surface and spread half the beans over the surface of them. Save the remaining beans for another use. Assemble the pie as follows:
  4. Pour 1/3 of the enchilada sauce into the bottom of a 9-inch pie or cake pan and spread it out evenly.

  5. Lay 3 of the bean-covered tortillas (bean side up) in the pan, covering as much of the pan as possible. They will overlap and there will be gaps between the tortillas.

  6. Put half of the corn/zucchini mixture on top of the tortillas, spreading it evenly.

  7. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of the cheese over the corn/zucchini.

  8. Repeat those four steps.
  9. Then, finish by laying the remaining 3 plain corn tortillas on top. Spread the remaining enchilada sauce over the tortillas. Sprinkle the remaining 1 cup of cheese over the top.
  10. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until the sauce bubbles and the cheese is melted and begins to brown.
  11. Let cool for 5 minutes. Cut into wedges.