What a Caramel Frappuccino is to teenagers today, the Orange Julius was to me and my girlfriends back in the day. A visit to the mall was incomplete without stopping to pick up one of their frothy orange drinks, made all the more compelling by the older boy with the gentle eyes who filled our orders.


The original was made, from what I gather, of orange juice, milk, sugar, eggs, and ice, a formula developed by Julius Freed who founded the company in the 1920s. Orange Julius is still up and running today, only it’s now owned by Dairy Queen and boasts 10 different flavors.

It’s hard to say what goes into a present day Orange Julius since the ingredients aren’t published on their website. As such, I figured I’d make my own, knowing a homemade version is likely to be more wholesome than one I’d find inside of a Dairy Queen.

I started with a peeled orange instead of orange juice and added a handful of strawberries, both of which up the amount of fiber. I used honey in place of sugar for sweetness, and like the original, included an egg, which has the dual role of boosting the protein and creating the drink’s signature frothiness. Be sure to use a pasteurized egg such as Safest Choice since raw eggs can be risky business. If you can’t find Safest Choice, you can use liquid egg whites from a carton or leave the egg out entirely.

Everything goes into a blender at once and whirls up into a cold delicious treat much like the one I remember as a teen. The only thing missing is the older boy with the gentle eyes…and Mr. Mom’s Kitchen does a stellar job in that role anyhow.



Disclosure: As a brand ambassador for Safest Choice, I was compensated to develop this recipe. The opinions expressed are completely my own.