IMG_6708-XLParents for generations have faced the not-always-easy challenge of how to get kids to eat vegetables. Some little ones take to a plate of produce like a duck to water, while others stare down a salad like it’s nothing short of torture. Back in the day, the “clean plate club” approach meant generations of kids sat at the kitchen table until they polished off every last pea. But we know today that such tactics can backfire, breeding a deep dislike rather than a warm embrace of all things green.

Common sense tells us that it’s better not to force or even cajole kids into eating vegetables, but to organically introduce healthy foods, an abundance of vegetables among them, into their world. It’s with that philosophy in mind that I wrote my first e-book devoted to the topic of encouraging kids to belly up to the salad bar.

Truth? It’s a little closer to an e-booklet than an e-book, but nevertheless, inside you’ll find 10 ideas and six recipes that put a positive spin on promoting produce. Who knows, with patience and perseverence, your kids will accept foods they once professed to hate, and yes, they may just like, and even love, their veggies.

Click the link below to download the e-book.

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10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat their Veggies is a collaboration with Flatout Flatbread, a brand that compensated me for my work.