I’ve got big plans in store for heading headlong into a healthy New Year. I’d love if you’d join me.

No, it’s not a juice fast. I’m not fixing to go vegan, or freegan, gluten-free, or casein-free, or raw, or paleo, or any of the other popular diets of late.

I’m planning simply this: 10 Days of Real Food.

10 Days of Real Food. It’s a movement of sorts inspired by Lisa Leake, a mom who committed her family of four to eat nothing but “real food” for 100 days. It went off so well, and her whole crew felt so darn healthy (cholesterol levels down, asthma obliterated, digestive issues no more), that she’s stuck with it for the long haul, inspiring a popular blog along with thousands of “real food” converts.

I’m not going to ask you (or myself) for 100 Days of Real Food, just 10, which means effectively committing to a week and a half of unprocessed, unpackaged, unadulterated food, including many of the everyday foods we consider part and parcel to raising kids:

–No refined grains such as white flour or white rice
–No refined sweeteners such as sugar and cane juice
–Nothing artificial such as Equal or Sucralose

…and here’s the kicker

–Nothing from a box, can, bag, bottle, or package that has more than five ingredients on the label

While I’ve long been on the “real food” bandwagon, life sometimes gets in the way of my resolve to stay away from the packaged food aisles and out of the cookie jar. I figure the New Year is a great time to push the reset button.

I plan to launch our family’s 10 Days of Real Food on Tuesday January 8. That gives you a little over a week to give it some thought, clear out the pantry, and prep your people. I’ll post more details about the dos and don’ts next week or you can peek here if you just can’t wait.

Any takers?