No single word exists that properly captures the scope of what moms do on a daily basis to raise good citizens. Bathe, cuddle, scold, feed, cry, read, run, nurse, rock, massage, clean, bandaid, swaddle, pretend, burp, storytell, comfort, wipe, dress, soothe, listen. The list could go on for miles.

There is one word, though, that comes pretty close: nurture.

It’s a good word.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it was high time that moms get a little nurturing too. So, I’m hosting a giveaway featuring my hands-down favorite everyday tote along with an accompanying Heirloom Produce Wrap.

This is no ordinary tote. It’s a Millie Lottie Branch Tote, much like the one my family gave me for Mother’s Day last year that’s been slung over my shoulder ever since. I also gifted one to my own mom and she’s equally smitten.

What I love most about the design, beyond it’s clean good looks, is that it’s lined inside, making it impervious to moisture. This makes it excellent for hauling to the farmers’ market, filling up for a picnic, or using as a travel bag. You can learn more about the bags (and the mompreneur behind the brand) by heading here.

I’ve got a prize for a second lucky mom (I wish I could pull an Oprah and bestow something on every one of you). It’s a new and very special cookbook called A New Way to Food. Written by Maggie Battista, it’s inspired by her own journey learning to make peace with food and nourish herself in the kitchen. The recipes are crave-worthy and the writing is like a warm hug in book form.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below sharing what you love most about being a mom or what you appreciate about your own mom. You can earn extra entries by heading to Instagram and entering the contest there. You have to be 18 years or older to win and live in the United States. Contest ends at midnight PST on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th.