Here are a handful of iphone snapshots from the week capturing what I got up to in the kitchen, and out.

These showed up on Valentine’s Day courtesy of Mr. Mom’s Kitchen. Who knew a charming set of measuring spoons could make a girl swoon.

Happy to find this wholesome salad at the otherwise decadent Craftsman and Wolves cafe:  kale, walnuts, yogurt, pomegranate, pear, yogurt, farro. Sort of strange, very tasty.

A friend cooked up this killer fish stew, which we inhaled around a pretty table with some of our favorite people.  Can’t think of a better way to spend an  evening.

The kids were out of school for a stretch so we headed to the ski slopes where I attempted to prove that packed lunch is better than lodge cafeteria food. They didn’t necessarily agree. Hard to compete with garlic fries and cocoa dispensed hot from a machine.

Was surprised at this supermarket find in a small mountain town: baby kale and other dark leafies. Just what’s needed for speedy sides.

This butternut squash risotto required a bit more labor, though, but was manna after a day on the slopes. I knocked off  this recipe by Ina Garten, cutting the butter by two thirds and using Meyer lemon juice and zest for flavor since I had neither saffron nor pancetta.

Made this broccoli slaw for lunch one day and now I’m hooked:  shredded broccoli/carrots/cabbage, lemon juice, olive oil, honey, salt, pepper, a dab of mayo, chopped pink lady apple.

I don’t know if vegetables can be considered cute, but this petite radish just begged to have her photo taken.

How was your week in food?