Mom's Kitchen Handbook

My Week in Food

my plate with graphic on how much protein to eat

Here’s what My Week in Food was all about, captured with a handful of photos.

On the last day of our winter getaway, a friend and I treated the girls to a fondue dessert at The Chocolate Bar. The molten vat of dark chocolate made me wish I hadn’t given up sweets for Lent.

Vegetables are still on the menu , though, and the simplest preparations are often the best as with this humble winter salad: chopped carrots, fennel, lettuce, roasted almonds, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper.

Carrots also showed up as a side for this Middle Eastern feast.  It was my kind of takeout, procured largely from a local market run by a very kind Lebanese man who makes incredible hummus, babaganoush, and tabbouleh.

And this is my kind of  Pinterest page. Spearheaded by Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, it’s a handy cooking resource I discovered this week, featuring recipes in over two dozen categories that fit within the MyPlate guidelines.

This would surely fit within the guidelines: an open-faced breakfast sandwich that was borderline strange, but strangely delicious: walnut bread, avocado, grated carrot, lemon juice, salt, egg.  I think this was the week of the carrot. For more open-faced breakfast ideas, go here. 

Speaking of breakfast, my friend Francey sent a snap of the Donuts she made for her kids. Love that. Reminded me that I need to pull out that donut pan and get busy. It’s been a while.

Gourmet castoff from a friend who didn’t find much use for a Himalayan salt block. Yes, a little obscure, but I’m excited to see what kind of trouble I can get up to with a giant slab of salt.

We don’t own a juicer, but if we did I’d be tempted by the convenience of these “juice kits” spied at my local Whole Foods.

One more mouth to feed. Yes, another girl has joined the household. A rescue pup weighing in at just 5 pounds, she won’t likely put much of a dent in the grocery bill.

What did you get up to in the kitchen?