Mom's Kitchen Handbook

My Week in Food

It’s clear that Spring is here and we have the produce to prove it. Here’s what My Week in Food looked like, snapped with my iphone.
Teeny tiny strawberries /
Started the week out with a visit to the farmer’s market down the street and scored three baskets of these beautiful berries, as fragrant and sweet as they are tiny.

A little obsessed with knocking off those coconut, date, walnut scones I reported about last week. I’m getting closer…
Speaking of grains, fab and inspired new gluten-free recipe resource on the scene: Lisa Thiele, the talent behind With Style and Grace has an ebook well worth a peek. Her recipes and tips may make you want to go gluten-free, even if you don’t have to.

Pulled out a long-forgotten pair of cast iron corn cobb muffin tins. Was pleased with my pretty results the first go-round.

Just right alongside quick and easy chili from Cooking Light.

The second round? Total disaster. Tips on unearthing corn muffins from cast iron welcome.
Brought home a whole mess of English peas, and then remembered the upside of having kids: built in pea shellers.

Peas + Spring onions + bacon + fresh mint = my kinda dinner. There was dueling at the table over that bacon.

I’m crazy about these little Persian cucumbers. They’re small, crunchy, lack bitterness, and don’t require peeling or seeding.  Until this week, I’d never seen organic ones before. Yay for Trader Joe’s.

Wild salmon Bahn Mi? Hello! I used Andrea Nguyen’s recipes from Into the Vietnamese Kitchen as a guide. Do you have this book? It’s worthy of your bookshelf.

Another favorite thing to do with salmon, only in this case, it’s smoked: whole-grain toast, ripe avocado, lemon or lime, smoked salmon.

Isabelle ran out of time to make cookies for a bake sale and asked if I’d pitch in, with one request, “Can you just make it normal, mom?” Translation: no buckwheat or spelt flour, no honey, no almond meal , no flax, no dates. Yes butter, sugar, and chocolate. The Bi-Rite Creamery Cookbook proved handy for the task.

How was your week in food?