Friends brought crazy good Three Twins ice cream for dessert one night. Sandwiched the leftovers between whole wheat graham crackers for an after school treat. I think the whole grainness of the crackers cancels out the  the ice cream, yes?

Started the week off with a simple tostada supper: creamy black beans and crumbly cotija cheese crowned with this colorful slaw: shredded cabbage, carrots, peppers, cilantro, scallions, lime, a little olive oil, salt.

My friend Mary Ellen whipped up a batch of my Puffy Pancakes for her kids on Monday morning. She shared her results. Cute, no?

Bought a mint-condition copy of this classic at a school fair for 4 bucks. Score!

Tried my hand with the Coq au Vin recipe, which was doubly delicious on day two when I pulled leftover chicken off the bones, added a mess of chopped leafy greens, and sun-dried tomatoes, and ladled it over pasta.

Virginia invented stripey toast for breakfast one morning — raspberry jam, cinnamon, butter. Had to take a picture.

Sent my oldest daughter to the market with a shopping list that included fruit, lunch box veggies, and a baguette. It did not include enough cheese crackers to last us through winter.


Followed up the ice cream with a long walk in Golden Gate Park while the kids played soccer. I heart my city sometimes.

How was your week in food? Try anything new?