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My Week in Food

Salad with Green Goddess /

Started the week off by ferrying this salad with Green Goddess dressing to a Superbowl Party across town.

It was all that was needed alongside the killer southern fried chicken my brother cooked up for the occasion. Not something I eat often, but worth every crispy bite.

Speaking of classics from the south, I made grits and eggs and collards for Mr. Mom’s Kitchen’s birthday breakfast, an homage to his southern roots. I’d never made grits before; he said I did them up right, but a little more butter, please. Duly noted.

The polar opposite of frying chicken and buttering grits was making a batch of homemade almond milk. Easier than it sounds and far tastier than what comes in shelf-stable boxes. Recipe coming soon.

It’s been all-things-hearts around here with Valentine’s Day next week. I’m smitten with these strawberry pancakes from Weelicious.

I’m also smitten with how my friend Pam took my Crispy Chocolate Coconut Hearts to a whole new level of perfection by pulling out the cookie cutters.

Talk about turning things up a notch, Virginia dolled up her sandwich with parchment and twine this week. So cute I was secretly hoping she’d forget her lunch box.

More proof that merchandising is everything, I bought these medjool dates almost entirely because I couldn’t resist the charming box.

Just as charming was this chalkboard my friend Kira spied in a little shop in my neighborhood. I’m thinking they made it for me, no?

My kind of To Go cup.

P.S. I’m crazy for Minneola tangelos.

How was your Week in Food? I do, I do, I do want to know.