Mom's Kitchen Handbook

My Week in Food

We hosted a gaggle of family for a casual supper featuring Ina Garten’s most excellent Lasagne with Turkey Sausage. Couldn’t help but add two bunches of chopped, blanched chard for good measure.

Took a terrific class on recipe development at the brand-spanking-gorgeous-new San Francisco Cooking School. Picked up this handy tip for fresh ginger: use the edge of an ordinary teaspoon to scrape off the peel. So easy, no waste.

Found myself talked into buying enough grass-fed rib-eye to last me through winter from The Steak Guys; they sell out of the back of a four-by-four. Not sure what I was thinking (hard to say no to an earnest rancher), but Mr. Mom’s Kitchen is totally psyched.

As long as we’re on the subject of beef, split a burger for lunch with my friend Jessie at Zuni Cafe, one of my all-time-favorite SF eateries. Pickled onions AND grilled onions. Yum.

Making up for the carbon footprint of all that meat by starting up my CSA delivery again, something I had put on hold for a few months. Always love seeing this box on my front stoop. Welcome back, friends.

Tested these beauties out for Monday’s post. Hang onto your hats for Baked Pumpkin Donuts with Brown Butter Glaze coming your way in a few days. Heaven.

What happened in your kitchen this week? Did you eat in? Eat out? Were you fasting? Feasting? Share!