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My Week in Food

So Easy Cilantro Lime Ceviche

Started the week off with “Ceviche Saturday”…a simple meal paired with tortilla chips and guac. If you’ve never made ceviche, DO. No recipe required. Cut raw white fish, shrimp,  scallops, calamari, etc.  into bite-size pieces, stir in finely chopped cilantro and jalapeno, then add enough fresh lime juice to completely submerge the seafood. Four or more hours in the fridge and dinner is done.

The cook needed to be fortified through all that ceviche assembly and this tiny bottle of pink bubbly did the trick.  It’s so darn cute, though, I worried it might be a little too beguiling to the underage girls in our house.

Spent Sunday morning at the Kensington Farmers’ Market where I did a school lunch demo and book signing. This double batch of granola bars went like hotcakes. You’ll find that recipe here.

That night it was “clean out the freezer” Sunday where I uncovered an entire chicken hiding beneath a couple of containers of  Ben and Jerry’s  frozen spinach.  Pulled out the panko and did up some pretty mean oven fried chicken. Watch out Popeyes.

Then it was Monday, and lunch packing all over again. Had some leftover veggies from the book event, so school lunch was a nutrition powerhouse. Those sushi sandwiches were filled with cream cheese, shredded carrots, tomatoes, and arugula.

Did a variation on my Waffle Iron Panini for lunch another day using Kerrygold Dubliner in place of Cheddar, along with baby kale, and tomatoes. Good hot or cold.

Speaking of lunch, I’ve become a bit of a “to go” container junkie. Love these Pack It brand zip sandwich bags.

And these colorful thermoses from Kids Konserve. Smaller than a typical thermos, they’re perfect for a cup of soup or small serving of pasta.

As for after school snack finds, my friend Leslie told me about Graze, a company that delivers wholesome snack kits by mail. Stocked with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and whole food snack bars, might be worth a try, NO?

My big grocery outing of the week was a visit to Costco. It’s something I avoid like the plague, largely because I walk out of there with 12 things I didn’t know I needed. But it was time to brave the superstore where I managed to resist this enormous display of Spam.

But was smitten with these pretty pears. Overall I stuck to my  grocery list, got a complete upper body workout pushing the giant shopping cart, and took home enough Q-Tips to keep the entire family wax free for the next decade. Success.

For once I followed by own advice and made lunch for myself when I was doing them for the kids.  In this case, a kale salad with egg to be chopped in, one of those Costco pears, and a little dessert of yogurt with stewed plums.

In case you hadn’t guessed by the unappetizing photo, this was my cooking “fail” of the week. I tried to turn leftover Slow Cooker Pinto Beans into a simple Tex Mex soup. Not so much. Even the little dishes of salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese I set out to dress things up didn’t do much to rescue a doomed dinner.

Not even remotely doomed were these excellent cookies. I made a batch as a thank you for a friend pitching in with soccer carpools. Is there anything more welcome than a carpool ride? The recipe comes from Marion Cunningham who named them “The Best Oatmeal Cookies” because frankly, they really are.

Last, but completely and absolutely not least, have I told you about Feeding Baby? It’s a terrific new book on nourishing little ones by registered dietitian Clancy Cash Harrison. Want to know about  feeding babies, making baby food, and encouraging adventuresome palates? Clancy has your back. She is offering a copy of her book to one lucky reader, so please leave a comment below saying any and all tips or ideas for feeding a little one. Follow me on Instagram  (and tell me you’ve done so in the comments section) and you’ll earn a second entry. Contest ends  Saturday September 27 at midnight PST.  Must be 18 years or older and live in the United States to enter.

How was your Week in Food?