Mom's Kitchen Handbook

My Week in Food

I had a Martha Stewart moment one day making after school snack: A whole banana rolled into a peanut butter-smeared slice of whole grain bread.

The tomatoes are insane right now. No chance we’re getting scurvy over here. This week’s favorites were a luscious ratatouille, an open faced tomato sandwich for breakfast, and simple tomato salads. These beauties came from my friend Leigh’s garden. Lucky me.

My current between meal snack obsession: Walnut-stuffed medjool dates. I got so excited I posted this shot on my Facebook page. My kids said I was weird.

Got a wild hair to make these Rise and Shine Muffins last weekend from The Newlywed Cookbook. Super nourishing with zucchini, carrots, whole grain flour, and nuts. The top has a perfect crunch.

I’ve made three batches of this kale salad in the past week. I think that much kale warrants a treat, which is where cake comes in.

This is a tried and true Almond Butter Cake (emphasis on butter) from Marion Cunningham made for a friend’s birthday party this week. Not so healthy, but so easy you can make it with your eyes closed. And it’s delicious. Plus, don’t forget about all that kale.

What have you been up to in the kitchen?