I keep a running list of post ideas, attempting to cover a broad range of topics, alternating between recipes, tips, and bigger nutrition issues… throwing in a giveaway here and there for fun.  I suppose I choose the subject matter much the same way I do birthday gifts for friends.  I figure if I’m attracted to a topic, perhaps you will be too.

But sometimes, rather than guessing what’s piquing your interest,  maybe it’s best to come out and ask:

What’s on your mind? What would you like …to see, read about, learn…here?

~How to cook beet greens?

~Is tofu good for you? Bad for you?

~How to get all those recommended fruit and vegetable servings in each day?

~My thoughts on teens and dieting?

~What should I feed the kids for snacks?

~How to roast a chicken?

~Table manners tips?

~A review of Heavy, the new book by the mom who put her seven-year-old on a diet?

~Is it okay to feed my kids popsicles for breakfast?(ok, no, that was me wondering)

What else??

Let me know what’s on your mind by either posting a comment below or emailing me directly at momskitchenhandbook@gmail.com.