My Week in Food

Though I’ve been making Pasta with Spiralized Zucchini for months, it’s really at its best now that summer squash is in season. This time, I added paper thin slices of lemon into the hot pasta and plenty of Parmesan. Diggity dang good.

Middle Eastern Ratatouille

Local peppers and eggplant are starting to show up in markets, too, which means ratatouille time in our house. This is a twist on the classic that has a Middle Eastern flair: seasoned with smoked paprika, ground coriander, and fresh mint, and served with Greek Yogurt and warm pita bread. It was a tasty Meatless Monday.

cookie decorating

Sometimes we parents get so focused on organizing fun for our kids, we forget to have fun for ourselves, too. So when the San Francisco Cooking School invited me to a cookie decorating class, I was all in. It felt like summer camp for grown ups and has me eyeing their Pastry School program in the fall.

School lunch with pancake sandwich

Speaking of summer camp, this was a last minute, throw together camp lunch one day. With nothing in the bread basket, I used a couple of leftover pancakes for an almond butter and jam sandwich.

Cucumbers with lime and tajin

Despite packed lunches, campers seem to come home hungry, so I put this in front of them one night when dinner prep was running late: Cucumber spears doused in lime juice and a traditional Mexican seasoning called Tajin. Trader Joe’s apparently sells something similar called Chile Lime Seasoning Blend. 
Cultured butter

New obsession: cultured butter. It’s just butter to which bacteria cultures have been added (like yogurt). The butter has a flavorful tang that is excellent spread on a slice of toasted Adventure Bread. Try!

Persian tea remedy

Virginia had a tummy ache this week, so her friend brought over a traditional remedy used in her family, who are from Iran. It’s essentially crystallized sugar steeped in hot water with fresh mint. I don’t understand the magic, but it worked like a charm. Belly ache be gone!

Gazpacho ingredients

These are all the goodies to make up a batch of Strawberry Tomato Gazpacho. It was the take home gift following a lunch hosted by Pure Leaf Tea (which is launching a new and darn delicious line of organic iced teas). They brought in SPQR star chef Matt Accarrino to do the cooking and provided his Gazpacho recipe in the goodie bag. Made it for dinner that night and it was (almost) as good as the chef’s.

chop chop cooking clubContinuing on my quest to have savvy kids in the kitchen, I signed us up for the Chop Chop Cooking Club this summer. It’s a pledge to cook together once a month. Chop Chop sends out a monthly recipe with lots of support for bringing kids in the kitchen. Best of all? It’s free. Join me.

How was your Week in Food?




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