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Homemade Otter Pops made with fresh watermelon - Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Current obsession: DIY Otter Pops. Over the holiday weekend, I supplied a house full of nieces and nephews with a boatload of these homemade treats, nothing artificial added. These ones here?  Watermelon Lime Pops using this recipe. I ordered ZIPZICLES to make the pops (you can rinse after using if you like) but have also leaned on these sturdier FoodWorks Silicone Ice Pop molds

The holiday weekend also involved a whole lot of good food for the grown ups, too. I was smitten with this hummus and veggie plate at the West Shore Cafe. Who knew Tahoe could be so fancy. Those veggies? Lightly pickled, perfect with a tangy, from-scratch hummus.

smashed potatoes

Our 4th of July feast didn’t disappoint, starting with these ridiculous, crispy smashed potatoes made by my sister-in-law, Alison. I’m working on a Mom’s Kitchen Handbook version of  these beauties. Stay tuned.


Steak and potatoes was the order of the day for the 4th. My brother was at the grill, and he never skimps on supper. Have you ever seen such steak? Don’t worry, we shared.

Summer Salad

Lighter eating felt like the order of the day after the holiday weekend, starting with a main-dish salad embellished with avocados, corn, thick tomato slices, and eggs with a lemony vinaigrette. Use this recipe for the dressing, only with equal parts lemon juice and vinegar, and a teaspoon or two of minced shallot.

Snack dinner

This was another light supper this week (Mr. Mom’s Kitchen was traveling, since this would qualify as a light snack in his book). Zucchini sauteed with a little garlic, these toasted almonds, and fresh mint. 

As Quoted Lunch

Speaking of light bites, Virginia and I felt like we’d hightailed it to a Portlandia episode when we had lunch at a tasty new spot in San Francisco called As Quoted. Who’s up for a turmeric latte with a side of zucchini pappardelle? 


That’s not the menu you’ll find on most camping trips, but the folks at Sunset Magazine have a terrific new cookbook for upping your game on a campground. In Camp Sunset,the chapter called “The Best Camp Food Ever” will make you want to pitch a tent in your backyard STAT.


On the subject of summer, my fitness routine gets derailed this time of year. BUT, my friend Humaira put me onto BeatActive, a fitness app that is keeping me on my game. It’s got 30 minute workouts (set to club music that reminds me that I’m not clubbing anymore). Great for when you’re on the road.

How was your Week in Food?

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Watermelon Otter Pops


07.09.2016 at10:53 PM #

Laurie-Ann Barbour

Fun stuff and great pictures but many of links don’t work this week (I tried the zipcicles, Silicone pop molds and Sunset book). Love your blog!

07.09.2016 at10:53 PM #

Katie Morford

Thank you Laurie-Ann. I will see what’s up. Appreciate the feedback.

07.09.2016 at10:53 PM #

Katie Morford


07.11.2016 at9:01 AM #

Cynthia Jones

How do you come up w/these great ideas -DYI zipzicles – amazing!.
I happen to have some zucchini that needs to be cooked and was wondering what best to do with it – your suggestion with garlic, toasted almonds and mint will definitely do the trick. There is one thing I might alter – one of my fav SF Italian restaurants does basically this dish w/julienne shredded zucchini which I think “disguises” the zuc taste a bit for those who may not be big fans. Thanks Katie

07.11.2016 at9:01 AM #

Katie Morford

I love julienned zucchini, Cynthia. Really tender summer zucchini is even tasty raw when shredded with olive oil, lemon, salt, and herbs (Parmesan is tasty here, too)

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