My Week in Food

Potatoes, Broccoli, ArugulaIn the mad dash to get ready to head out of town, My Week in Food was all about thrifty ways to clean out the fridge (along with the contents of a CSA box I forgot to cancel). Here, I roasted little potatoes and broccoli. Tossed it with arugula, olive oil, salt, and lemon, and served it in shallow bowls with a poached egg on top. Easy!


Loads of tomatoes to get through, along with a loaf of day-old bread, translated into a couple of panzanella lunches this week: tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, Mozzarella, olive oil, salt, pepper, YUM.

Tomato SandwichSince we’re talking tomatoes, this has been a summer time staple since I was a kid: a simple sandwich of toast, mayonnaise, thick slabs of good tomatoes, and salt. Heaven. Who else does this?

muffin tin meatloaf

Discovered a pound of ground turkey in the freezer that was looking like it had been there I while, so I made my mom’s old-school meatloaf baked in new school way: muffin tin meatloaf! Kids loved it.


Speaking of kids, Virginia took part in the efforts to clear out the fridge and pantry: an impromptu continental breakfast buffet for all.

Dover Sole and Sides

I picked up fresh Dover sole one night, cooked in this style. Alongside the fish went a bowl of pearl couscous embellished with tomatoes, arugula, olives, lemon juice and chives. I roasted the last of the broccoli and scattered feta all over it while still warm.

Deviled eggs

Clearing  the house of foodstuffs had its downside when I remembered (very last minute) that I had agreed to bring an appetizer to a party. Deviled eggs to the rescue. In a food processor I whirled cooked yolks with what little was in the fridge: a few spoonfuls of kimchi, mayo, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Spooned that into the halved eggs topped with chives. Based on how quickly they disappeared from the buffet? I think they were a success.


If you are headed out of town, too, I thought this article might come in handy about what all those “use by” and “sell by” dates means on foods, both refrigerated and shelf stable. 

I didn’t do all the cooking this week. We had a stellar meal at SPQR. Warning: they charge a small fortune for a plate of pasta, BUT, check out their spin on avocado toast? Gorgeous. It’s done on bread that is suspiciously similar to Adventure Bread. Do you think their  chef has been spying on us?

Cover Rise and Shine_Roost BooksI have no illusions about George Lucas tapping me for my film making talents,  but I did want to share this little video of the pages of Rise & Shine, which arrived on my doorstep this week. Coming to bookstores near you next month! Pre-order yours here. 

Yoga with the girlsThe highlight of my week, though, wasn’t the food. It was the company. These two tagged  along to a couple of yoga classes with me….proof that you never can predict what your kids are going to say, or do, or that after years of showing no interest in something you love, they’ll suddenly embrace it with as much enthusiasm as you have. 

How was your Week in Food?


07.24.2016 at12:18 PM #

Laurie-Ann Barbour

Tomato/mayo sandwiches are definitely a summer staple for me! You are so creative with clearing out the fridge – inspiring. I’m most excited about the news of your kids all of a sudden showing interest in you love that they weren’t interested in before -hope that happens to my girl, too. Lastly, I finally made adventure bread and love it. Gave a mini loaf to a gluten free friend and she was effusive in her praise of it. Have a lovely time wherever you are.

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