Weeknight Rescue // August 2018 // Week 52

It’s Week 52 of Weeknight Rescue, which means a full year has rolled by since I launched my meal planning series. Let me know how it’s working for you or what else you might like to see, either in a comment below or by emailing me at [email protected] As for this week? Here’s what’s in store:



If you’ve never had banh mi, the traditional Vietnamese-style sandwich, you are in for a treat. This recipe for savory chicken banh mi came to me by way of the fabulous Banh Mi Handbook. Some of the steps can be done ahead of time, making it easier at the dinner hour. I also like to make this for parties and get-togethers whereby everyone gets to assemble their own.   



I’m a canned tuna superfan, for convenience, good nutrition, and taste. This is not your ordinary tuna salad, though. It’s got farro, argula, and chick peas, which makes it a nourishing, light supper. You could do another side dish of vegetables or fruit and maybe an oven-toasted baguette as well.


One of the quickest recipes on the site! Serve with a side of beans along with cut up cucumber, jicama, and other raw vegetables doused with lime and chili. Alternatively, this Mexican Slaw is delicious with tacos. Got avocado-shy kids? Just make the kid’s tacos with tortillas and cheese and serve the avocado on the side. Who knows….they may just try it one of these days.


Packed with all kinds of goodies — almond butter, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, rolled oats — these bars are great to have on hand to pop into lunch boxes or for an afternoon sweet fix. I’m 100 percent hooked.


No need for store-bought pink milk when you can make your own without the artificial ingredients or loads of sugar (and do it before the berry season is over).


08.18.2018 at8:19 AM #

Heidi Roth

Hi Katie,
You once had a blog post about how you went hiking for your birthday and had Bahn Mi sandwiches and Prosecco with a view of the San Fransisco bridge. Not sure I have all the details correct, but it sounded so wonderful I mentioned to some of my girl friends quite a while ago that it would be a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. Well, my friends remembered, and 2 weeks ago surprised me with just that! Unfortunately our hike in the White Mountains got rained out, but it was still a wonderful birthday!

08.18.2018 at8:19 AM #

Katie Morford

Wow. That is so sweet! The Banh Mi recipe this week was inspired by that party…good memory. Happy birthday 🙂

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