Weeknight Rescue // Week 26 // Feb. 2018

Weeknight Rescue Free Weekly Meal Plan

I hope these Weeknight Rescue Meal Plans are helping in your house! Here’s the line up for the week with all the ingredients you need at the bottom of the page.

Chicken Adobo
I call it “Umami” because this chicken is such a flavor bomb. It’s chicken done adobo style that you can have bubbling on the stove in a matter of minutes. I always serve it with a side of brown rice and either stir-fried veggies or bok choy. If you’re pressed for time, pick up a package of heat and serve brown rice from the freezer section of the market.


sorghum burrito bowls

If you’ve never cooked sorghum, now is a great time to start. It’s the foundation of these burrito bowls and is a nutritious gluten-free grain that boasts plenty of protein and fiber. Whatever cooked vegetables, salsa, avocado and other Mexican fixings finish the bowls, which are great for Meatless Monday and do well in packed lunches. Note: Since sorghum isn’t quite as mainstream as other grains, you may not find it in your market. If that is the case, you can always substitute another whole grain, such as farro, barley, or quinoa (just follow the cooking directions on the package, since it will differ from sorghum).


Skirt Steak with Salsa Verde

Skirt steak works well for weeknight meals, since it’s a thin cut that cooks quickly and is packed with flavor. The salsa verde is Italian-style, with herbs, capers, and shallots. Roast some little potatoes or other vegetables and toss together a salad with this vinaigrette and dinner is done. If you have a bottle of red wine in your pantry, treat yourself to a glass alongside your steak.  

tuna sandwich

Make a batch (or double batch) to use for lunches and snacks (good on pretzel thins or tucked into Romaine lettuce leaves). The “superfood” part of the equation owes to the fact that it’s equal parts canned salmon and tuna, so big time omega-3s.  Don’t worry if your kids are salmon skeptics, mine never seem to notice they’re eating anything but tuna salad. 


A chewy, sweet bar made with Cheerios, nut butter, chocolate and dried fruit that is suitable for an after school treat or a little dessert. It’s a no-bake bar that demands a glass of milk on the side. If you have a peanut allergy in your house, use any favorite nut or seed butter instead.


Weeknight Rescue Meal Plan


02.17.2018 at8:42 AM #

Pamela Prime

It all looks so delicious and of course healthy— Now to create a grocery list! 😊

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