Weeknight Rescue // Week 49 // December 2020

If I had to pick one word to describe this week’s meal plan, it would be cozy…soup, pasta, and a very seasonal homemade cookie that would be terrific with a cup of hot tea. Enjoy!

Turkey Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with jalapenos and lime

The combination of tender sweet potatoes with turkey chili is a good one. It’s a one-dish meal that’s nourishing and flavorful and can be made ahead of time, is freezer-friendly, and great for leftovers. Feel free to serve the chili in bowls for any kids who aren’t so keen on sweet potatoes.

Winter Kale Salad

Now’s the time to take advantage of persimmons if you can get your hands on them. If you can’t, swap in tangerines, apples, or pears. I’d pick up a rotisserie chicken or cook a few chicken breasts to slice and toss in the finished salad so it qualifies as a main dish. 

Aush (Afghan Noodle Soup)

If you’ve never tried (or perhaps ever heard of) Aush, it’s a traditional Afghan soup I learned to make from my friend Humaira. It’s a brothy base with noodles and chickpeas that you serve with a ridiculously tasty seasoned ground lamb. You top every bowl with a spoonful of Greek yogurt and the combo is pure magic, if you ask me. If you don’t care for lamb, swap in ground beef or chicken instead.

Pasta with Simple Tomato Sauce

Simple Tomato Sauce for Pasta

A pasta sauce you can practically make with your eyes closed…that’s my kind of weeknight dinner. You can dress it up with crispy pancetta or calabrian chiles, but it’s quite delicious straight up. This Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad on the side would be nice. If you’ve never made it, give it whirl. Even my kids are crazy about it.

Instant Pot Italian White Bean Soup

Instant Pot Italian White Bean Soup

I’m really appreciating the comfort of a bowl of soup these days and finding the Instant Pot is calling my name. No worries if you don’t have just the right type of vegetables or beans for this recipe. It may not turn out picture perfect, but it will nourish your family. Leave out the sausage for a vegetarian version.

Super Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie with Orange, spinach and hemp seeds

An icy cold smoothie doesn’t exactly fit into the cozy category, but I love starting my mornings with a blender full of this gorgeously green drink.

Double Ginger Molasses Rye Cookies

Molasses Ginger Cookies

If you love a ginger cookie, but want a hit of something more wholesome, this is the ticket. Rye is a whole grain flour that gives this cookie terrific flavor along with crystallized ginger and molasses.


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