Weeknight Rescue // Week 7 // Oct. 2018

Weeknight Rescue Week Seven

Moving into October, it’s time for another Weeknight Rescue, my free weekly meal plan. Here’s what the line up looks like this week: 3 simple dinners, something to batch cook, and one of my favorite bonus recipes on the site. Find the printable shopping list at the bottom of the page.

Happy Cooking!


Meat and Mushroom Marinara Sauce

Truth? This is probably more akin to a bolognese than a marinara because it’s thick, hearty, and meaty.  It has equal parts mushrooms and ground beef (or turkey), which means a boost of vegetables, less saturated fat, and loads of flavor (umami). I usually serve it over a big mess of roasted cauliflower, but pasta is fair game, too. Not sure if your crew will take to pasta sauce over vegetables? Serve both at the table and let them try for themselves. Add a salad if you aren’t serving this over veggies….and if you’ve got some wine leftover from cooking, pour yourself a glass (it IS good for the heart, after all). 


Chicken and vegetable quesadillas

A quick dinner that loads up quesadillas with chicken (I usually grab a rotisserie one at the market), cheese, and vegetables. You can do a vegetarian version by swapping out the chicken for black beans. The recipe serves just two, so be sure to scale up your ingredients if serving a larger family. Whip together an avocado salsa on the side for dipping. For extra vegetables, I almost always serve Mexican Slaw on the side. Add a bowl of black or pinto beans if you like. 


I am crazy about the flavors in the ginger lime dressing that gets drizzled over these lettuce wraps. They’re like little, very fresh-tasting Vietnamese-style tacos. Since they’re pretty light on the appetite, you might want to get some carbs on the table, such as steamed brown basmati rice or a favorite Asian noodle tossed with soy sauce, sesame oil, and sliced scallion. A plate of fresh, sliced pineapple would be a suitable side or dessert as well. 


homemade applesauce

Big pots of applesauce are a fall staple around here. This recipe honestly takes minutes to get bubbling on the stove and is handy for breakfast, snacks, lunch boxes, or dessert. I often serve it warm with a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt on the side. You might also like this Instant Pot Applesauce recipe, too.


Adventure Bread

This bread became a minor obsession last year. It’s a recipe from a local bake shop that is gluten-free, packed with seeds, and super filling. It’s very dense, so I prefer to make it in three mini loaf pans rather than one standard bread pan (I freeze the extra loaves). It’s excellent toasted with just butter or topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Warning: my children refer to this is “mom bread”.  



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