Weeknight Rescue // Week 4 // Sept. 2018

Weeknight Rescue Week Four

We’re at Week Four of Weeknight Rescue. Summer produce is still hanging around, so I figure let’s enjoy it while we can. Still, you’ll find some flavors of fall this week, too. Below are three dinner recipes, one item to batch cook and use throughout the week, a bonus recipe, and a printable grocery list.


Summer Vegetable Pasta

This is a standard in our house when tomatoes and corn are in season. You can pull the sauce together in the time it takes to boil the pasta water. It’s got enough heft and veggies to be a stand alone meal. Or, throw some shrimp on the grill or under the broiler to top off the pasta with a big squeeze of lemon juice. You can also make it easy on yourself to add a salad by opening a bag of pre-washed baby lettuces or baby arugula and toss with this vinaigrette

ROAST PORK TENDERLOIN WITH FIGSRoast pork tenderloin with figs

Pork tenderloin is about as lean as chicken breast and just as easy to cook. In this recipe, you roast figs alongside the pork, which get tender and sweeter as they cook. And since fig season is short, the time to make this is now. As long as you have the oven going, roast little potatoes or carrots (or both) tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper on a baking sheet. This Crispy Skillet Kale would make a nice side as well. 

SPINACH AND FETA PIESpinach and Feta Pie

A Greek-style spinach pie that’s on the lighter side. It’s not hard to make and is a good one to make with yours kids, who might like to help butter and layer the filo sheets (when they have a hand in the cooking, I find they’re more open to the eating). If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, this is delicious the next day.  As for what to serve on the side, I’d probably just layer slices of tomato and cucumber with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 


Sweet Potato Hummus

Pull out cucumbers, carrots, radishes, fennel, and any other crunchy vegetables and cut them into snackable slices. Stow them at eye level in a covered container in the fridge so they’re easy to add to school lunches or to pull out for snacking. Make a batch of Sweet Potato Hummus to go along with it (hint: there’s a major short cut in the recipe). 


Cowboy Cookies

A chewy cookie that’s equal parts wholesome and decadent. They’re made with oats, whole wheat flour, hemp seeds, pecans, coconut, and almond butter. Bake half the batch to eat now; wrap and freeze the rest the dough for another week. 


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I can’t get the cookie recipe link to work, is it just me?

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Katie Morford

It looks like there was no link! My apologies. It should be all good now!

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