Grilled Pesto Portabello Mushroom Burger

Not long after having my third child I was talking to a friend about how overwhelmed I was, explaining that I could no longer keep the “to dos” straight in my head. With the various activities, play dates, nap times, and many appointments, along with my own schedule, I wasn’t able to keep track of it all.

With a look of compassion towards my bedraggled postpartum self, my friend leaned in and asked, “Are you writing all of these things down?”

“You mean, like, make a list?” I asked quizzically. I’d never done that before.

But I’d also never had three kids before and all the robbing of brain cells that goes along with it.

Anyway, it was genius. Write it down. I’ve been a mad list-maker ever since.

With one exception: The grocery store. I rarely use a shopping list. I know, I know. Not having a list leads to impulse purchasing, overspending, forgetting things you need. But the market, whether it’s the grocery store or the farmer’s market is where I get my inspiration. I poke around and see what grabs my eye: a particularly glossy piece of fish, a creamy wedge of cheese, a head of gorgeous lettuce, and the ideas for what I’m going to cook that night bubble up.

Such was the case the day I made these Pesto Portabella Mushroom Burgers. I had a hankering for a burger, but wasn’t in the mood for meat. And it needed to be quick. Portabella mushrooms seemed the perfect answer, albeit a little “1990s”, having largely gone the way of sun dried tomatoes and raspberry vinegar.

I hadn’t grilled a portabella mushroom in years, but passé or not, they’re delicious. And so easy. Once that grill is hot, this meal could qualify as a 15-minute fix: Dinner from start to finish in a quarter of an hour. If you don’t want to bother with the barbecue, you can cook them under a broiler.

Portabellas are just mature Cremini mushrooms, the common brown variety. Rich in minerals, particularly selenium, copper and potassium, they are very low in calories (about 20 calories a pop).

The texture of the mushrooms offers a meatiness that truly satisfies, and can hold up to a generous bun and flavorful pesto. In this case, I used a loaf of herbed focaccia cut into squares and toasted on the grill. I had some yellow peppers on hand which I charred and then peeled. You can always use peppers from a jar, but if you’ve never roasted your own, it’s worth a go. The kids might like to try their hand at peeling the blackened skins from the peppers. Here is a quick tutorial I found on You Tube that might prove helpful.

When the burgers are grilled and tucked between the focaccia along with all of the other goodies, they look just as compelling as any meaty number. Upon learning there was a mushroom under that bun and not a patty of beef, my daughter Rosie threw me that look kids give when you are about to feed them something new and different and perhaps a little strange. But one bite in and she exclaimed, “Delish, mom”!


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  1. Pamela Prime
    08.04.2011 at 4:42 PM #

    Oh yum…I really look forward to preparing this! Thank you.

  2. Bliss
    08.06.2011 at 12:27 AM #

    Being a bit on the scattered side in food preparation, your 15 minute meal is my 30 minute meal – which is still quick enough for me. But I’m curious, do you peel the charred peppers within that time? I remember charring and peeling peppers for a soup, and they were delicious, but it was no small feat.

    • katiemorford
      08.06.2011 at 7:15 AM #

      Yes…maybe I’m pushing the limits of 15 minutes on this one. Probably more achievable if you are using a jarred pepper, which I often do. Roasting your own peppers makes it more time consuming, for sure. That said, if you set the pepper on the grill at the same time as you do the mushrooms, it shouldn’t take too long. I often char my peppers on the flame of my stove as well.

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