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Prep The Cookbook

A guidebook and cookbook to empower high school and college kids in the kitchen. It’s packed with tons of tips and “how tos”, as well as 50 recipes that are tailor made for young appetites. Recipes cover a broad range of skills, from cooking eggs to making little meals, prepping salads to cooking for friends. Order your copy here:


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Cover Rise and Shine_Roost Books

75 family-friendly recipes, most of them entry-level easy (many can be knocked out in the time it takes for your coffee to drip into the pot). You’ll find recipes such as Strawberries and Cream Spoon Smoothies, Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos, My Girls’ Granola, Blueberry Polenta Muffins, Savory Overnight Oats, and Barely Banana Protein Pancakes, just to name a few. Order your copy here:


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Brimming with recipes, ideas, and strategies for creative and healthful meals, Best Lunch Box Ever solves what many parents consider their least favorite chore. Kids will love the lunches; busy moms and dads will appreciate the quick and simple solutions for wholesome, balanced meals that are packed with nutrients. Among them you’ll find Deconstructed Caprese Skewers, Easy Cheesy Thermos Beans, Pesto Pita Pizza, Out of the Box Granola Bars, Parmesan Kale Chips, Crispy Applewiches, and more. Order a copy here:



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