Back-to-school bootcamp marches on, and today I’m turning my lense on something a little less charming than bento boxes and more serious than veggie wraps: Food safety. Packing lunches is trickier than making other meals since they’re taken to go. They often sit in cloak rooms for hours before being cracked open, which adds the challenge of how to keep food borne-illness at bay. Having a good thermos for hot foods and small freezer packs for cold ones is key. For more tips, I recently sat down with Christine Gallary over at The Kitchn to talk food safety (not the sexiest topic, but at least it was over cappuccinos and croissants). She culled 5 tips on how to keep school lunch safe and free of unfriendly bacteria, which you can find if you head on over here. 

What are your tips for lunch box food safety?

photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Lunch Box Food Safety Tips on Mom's Kitchen Handbook