I’ve got a new trick for cutting and packing a lunch box apple from At Home with Real Food that’s so clever, I couldn’t wait a single extra second to share, especially since it’s apple season.

First, get yourself a thick rubberband. The sturdy ones that band together broccoli, swiss chard, and other market veggies are perfect. Reduce, reuse, recycle, people.

Next, grab a favorite apple. We’re positively smitten with the Honey Crisp variety over here.

Now, cut the apple into wedges, being sure to save the core. An apple cutter helps enormously here and is a great item to have in your kitchen toolkit.

Now, puzzle piece the apple back together with the core at the center and stretch that hefty rubber band around the middle.

If you feel like sending a little extra TLC in that lunch box, add a ribbon.

How sweet is that?

How to Pack a Lunch Box Apple

Finally, pop that baby right into the lunch box. No need to chase down little containers and lids. No worry that apples will come home untouched because somebody didn’t cut them into tidy wedges.

P.S. To minimize browning, douse the flesh of the apple with lemon juice before piecing it back together.

P.P.S. Got any clever kitchen tricks up your sleeve? Don’t keep them to yourself. We need to know!