Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Tip for Making Bagels Sized Just Right

Over the years, bagels have been supersized along with so many other foods in the marketplace. They can top 400 calories a pop: That’s the equivalent to four slices of sandwich bread, which doesn’t leave much room for wholesome goodies on the inside. Not to mention the fact that a big bagel is tricky for little mouths to get around. Going open faced is one solution, and cutting it down the middle is another. The “bagel thins” sold at supermarkets is an option, too, except that they don’t really taste like bagels.

Here’s a trick for having your bagel and eating it too: Cut it into thirds instead of in half. Use the top and bottom for your bagel and cream cheese or turkey sandwich, and reserve the middle for breakfast toast (it’s the perfect size to slide under a fried egg). One bagel, two meals…that makes good economic sense, too.