That is my fridge on a very good day, but by the end of the holidays it won’t look anything like that. More likely my fridge (as well as freezer and pantry) will be a jumble of leftovers, an excess of items I over-purchased (hello canned pumpkin and cranberries), and a hefty dose of chaos. The fact that the holidays always tax my food budget also means I’ll be looking for ways to use what I have rather than spend up for more (side note: minimizing food waste is an excellent way to lighten your environmental footprint).

With that in mind, I’m teaming up with my pal and fellow food/nutrition blogger Sally at Real Mom Nutrition on a Pantry/Fridge/Freezer Challenge.


Starting on January 12 we’ll launch a FREE Three Week Challenge to cook through our pantries with an eye towards minimizing food waste and maximizing the family budget. Included in the challenge will be:

  • A weekly email with kitchen tasks, strategies, and advice.
  • Free printables to help you get organized, take inventories, plan meals, and make shopping lists.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with us to get recipes, share photos, and get support and ideas

To sign up for the challenge, just follow this link and drop your email into the box towards the bottom of the page.