Better Store-Bought SnacksRecently I wrote a post about the sorry line up of junk food snacks at my daughter’s soccer camp. Not a single healthy option was included in the mix of Oreos, Doritos, candy, and sugary sports drinks. You can find that original post, Soured on Summer Camp Snacks, by going here.

Many of you asked me to update you with any response from the camp. I’m happy to report that they did get back to me. As you’ll see in the email below,  they promised to evaluate the snack program at the close of camp and in the meantime, would work in healthier options. It’s not a dramatic overhaul, but it’s a start. I sent a follow-up email to the camp director (also below) to drive home a few essential points one last time.

I appreciate all of your chearleading in this small effort. I’d love to hear about any inroads you’ve made to improve kids’ snack and meal programs in your neck of the woods.

Camp Director’s Reply to my Original Letter:


Thank you for your input and concern in regards to the snacks. The snack store is on trial basis for the first time this summer I will evaluate it after this final week of camp and determine what steps we need to take to make it more efficient and beneficial to all our campers and their needs. We will certainly will add some healthier snacks for our campers this week so they have more choices to choose from. I appreciate your interest and your concern.

Thank you

My Response:

Dear _________

Thank you for getting back to me about the soccer camp snacks. I appreciate your willingness to take a look at the snack program and to work in healthier options. As I’m sure you are well aware, most kids these days get far more processed snacks, sugary drinks, and sweets, and far too few fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. Of course, it’s not the job of your camp to fix this problem, but with the interest of healthy kids in mind, you can certainly contribute in a positive way by being thoughtful about the foods you make available at camp. Plus, it goes without saying that nourishing snacks will make for a more energized crew of campers. 

I’m sincere when I say I would be happy to help if you’d like input on planning a healthful snack program.

Best Regards,

Katie Morford, MS, RD