Out running errands last week, one of the kids asked if we could “pretty please” buy a label maker. At first, I was swept up by the dreamy idea of a kitchen made orderly with smart looking printed labels. But the reality of what would actually ensue set me straight:

1. I’d plunk down 30 bucks for the electronic gadget

2. My kids would fight over who got to use it first

3. We would label ourselves silly for exactly 3 days and then put the label maker away, forgetting about it entirely for several months

4. We would pull it out again and find that, in fact, it needed new batteries

5. It would take me 6 weeks to buy batteries only to discover the label maker was actually broken

6. I would get nowhere in my research on how to repair it

7. I would “store” it in the closet for 5 years at which time I would put it in the Goodwill pile hoping that some smart soul would be able to fix it, but knowing full well it was ultimately bound for landfill

And so instead, I bought this:



A roll of basic blue painter’s tape, the type you can find in any hardware store, along with a Sharpie is the solution to all my labeling ills. It doesn’t require batteries or an instruction manual, and nobody has ever fought over my tape. I find it handy for…

FullSizeRender (71)Labeling flours and grains so I can keep track of what’s in every jar


Restoring order in my spice cabinet, especially as I’m adding new blends and spices all the time


Identifying who gets what lunch and getting playful with love notes and knock knock jokes

Writing simple recipe formulas on jars of pancake mix and DIY Microwave Oatmeal

Tape as a Kitchen Tool / Mom's Kitchen Handbook

Keeping tabs on what I have in the freezer and when I put it there


I’m so darn label happy, I’m considering carrying blue tape around in my purse.

If you’re not careful, I may just label you too.