10 Terrific Instant Pot Recipes

best instant pot recipes

Now that I’ve touted the beauty of the Instant Pot, and perhaps gotten a few of you on board, the pressure is on for me to come up with new recipes. It’s going to take some time to amass a collection, so to tide us all over, I asked some of my fellow foodies for their Instant Pot favorites. I’ve curated 10 tasty recipes, which you’ll find below. For those of you who are already skilled with pressure cooking, I’d love to hear about your go-to meals, so please share in the comments section (feel free to add links to recipes you like).

10 Terrific Instant Pot Recipes

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

best Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Coq Au Vin

Instant Pot Applesauce

Instant Pot Applesauce

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili

best instant pot recipes

How to Make a Whole Chicken in an Instant Pot

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Lamb Curry

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Beef Stew

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Rump Roast with Vegetables 

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Asian Chicken

best instant pot recipes

Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potato





02.27.2017 at4:31 AM #

Dina Khan

I am an avid reader of your blog and would love to try an instant pot!

02.27.2017 at4:47 AM #

Nancy C

The instant pot and your recipes would be a great way to feed my five kids.

02.27.2017 at4:59 AM #

Anne bunn

We have loved reading about the Instant pot on your blog and would love to try it!

02.27.2017 at5:11 AM #

Kelly G

I’ve never tried one–or know anyone who has one–but it’s always fun to learn something new.

02.27.2017 at5:41 AM #

Joyann Eggert

These recipes look interesting.

02.27.2017 at5:53 AM #


I am so curious about the instant pot! When I first began to notice all the hype, I wasn’t sure how much I would use it. But, it seems like a real time-saver! I would love to add one to my kitchen!

02.27.2017 at5:53 AM #


LOVE MINE!! Use it several times a week. After I cooked a roast in under an hour that was flavorful and as tender as could be….I was sold! You will not be disappointed and will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

02.27.2017 at6:01 AM #

Susan Lorentsen

I love your blog and your recipes are terrific!! I have no idea how the Instant Pot works but I love to cook and would love to try one!!

02.27.2017 at6:07 AM #


Looks amazing. We use an Instant Pot at our preschool!

02.27.2017 at6:35 AM #


I have been borrowing an Instant Pot from a friend and don’t want to give it back – I need my own!

02.27.2017 at6:44 AM #

Val Barnhart

Hi Katie, I would love the chance to own an instapot! The recipes sound terrific. Thanks for keeping us informed on the latest nutrition and cookware. Also in the market for a new blender-can you recommend? Thanks, Valerie

02.27.2017 at6:45 AM #


Thank you for all the great recipes! Now I would love to have an Instant Pot to cook them in! From all I’ve read, it appears to be a kitchen game-changer.

02.27.2017 at6:49 AM #


The instant pot would make dinner time easier.

02.27.2017 at6:50 AM #


Thanks for this opportunity…A new cooking appliance is always exciting!

02.27.2017 at6:51 AM #


Sounds like an incredible, and yummy timesaver!

02.27.2017 at6:59 AM #

Sue Henderson

reminds me of my mother’s pressure cooker–but much less scary!! would love to give it a try…

02.27.2017 at7:09 AM #


Thank you for reviewing and providing recipes! Being able to accomplish in an hour or two what takes an entire day in a slow cooker is a great advantage! Also, I’ve read the one pot makes flawless hard boiled eggs!

02.27.2017 at7:09 AM #


Yum! I would love to try these recipes in a new Instant Pot! Thank you for sharing.

02.27.2017 at7:11 AM #


Love this blog and really would love to have an instant pot!

02.27.2017 at7:15 AM #

Anne Mullen

As a non-enthusiastic cook, like Kate, I’m always looking for something to make it easier. Living on a boat, I got used to using a pressure cooker, but have gotten out of the habit on land. The lamb curry recipe is enough to tempt me to use an Instant Pot instead of having it simmer all day. Here’s hoping…..

02.27.2017 at7:20 AM #

Carolyn Edwards

The fact that this is a multi-tasker is a huge plus. Exchange out slow-cooker, pressure-cooker and yogurt-maker. All in one. Yes!

02.27.2017 at7:27 AM #

Jenn Chic

We would looooove an instant pot! Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks for all you do to make time in the kitchen more fun and delicious!

02.27.2017 at7:40 AM #

Micheline Crawford

Need to simplify cooking and this may be the perfect solution. I would like my first recipe to be Korean Tacos. My second will be shredded beef for my tostadas. Crossing my fingers 🙂

02.27.2017 at7:46 AM #

Shauna Puente

I would love an instant pot!!!

02.27.2017 at7:52 AM #

Kim Fishback

Hi Katie, the reason that I would love to win an instant pot is that I have wanted to learn how to use a pressure pan. I have always used a pressure cooker to can foods. My sister uses a pressure pan and makes delicious soups, beans and chicken. After reading about your experience I have been thinking about how healthy it would be to learn how to cook with this instant pot. A bonus would be that I could add this method to my cooking lessons with my grandsons. Thanks, Kim

02.27.2017 at7:56 AM #


Would love to “experience” an Instant pot! Great recipes.

02.27.2017 at7:58 AM #

Geri Birks

I have been wanting to get an instant pot. Several of my friends got one for Christmas.

02.27.2017 at8:01 AM #

Sarah Kessler

I have been wanting to purchase an Instant Pot!!! Thank you for this opportunity to put my name in and Congrats to whoever is the lucky winner!!! Happy eating friends!!! Happy Monday also✌🏼

02.27.2017 at8:02 AM #


I’ve been so curious about the instant pot…would love to try one!!

02.27.2017 at8:03 AM #


Ohh, would love an instant pot. These recipes look yummy!

02.27.2017 at8:05 AM #


This would make dinner for my family SO much easier.

02.27.2017 at8:07 AM #


Time-saver, energy-saver, a healthy and a delicious way of cooking… Wow, I already love the instant pot! I have been a “foodie” for the last two years I am always looking for new, hearty, healthy, and yummy recipes!
I would love this instant pot for my loved ones and I to enjoy great moments of conviviality around a hearty meal ! Because sharing a delicious meal with loved ones at any moment of the day or the week, is, to me, the highlight of the week, the moment a lot of us look forward to! Thank you.

02.27.2017 at8:07 AM #

Meg Kingsland

would LOVE to try theses Katie- and get rid of my Huge slow cooker!

02.27.2017 at8:13 AM #

Mary R

Our slow cooker was damaged in our recent move back to SF and your Instant Pot review was so compelling, I’d like to replace the slow cooker with an Instant Pot. Thanks, Katie! Can’t wait to see more recipes for the Instant Pot.

02.27.2017 at8:18 AM #

Carolina Trotter

I’m very intrigued by the instant pot! Always been terrified of pressure cookers…but seeing what this pot can do make me want to get one 🙂

02.27.2017 at8:21 AM #


I’d love to try these recipes if I had an instant pot! It would be a much appreciated addition to help us prepare meals while our kitchen floor is being replaced! I’ve been without a kitchen for a month now and it looks like another month of waiting to get it back!

02.27.2017 at8:27 AM #

Kathryn Pruitt

I would LOVE to win this!!! I have had my eye on buying one of these for a few weeks now!!

02.27.2017 at8:28 AM #

Keelin Philippe

I would absolutely love to have an Instant Pot. As a full time working mom with two kids, I try to feed my kids healthy nutritious meals, but the time is not always there. This would be a life saver!

02.27.2017 at8:32 AM #


Instant pots are all the rage and I can’t wait to try it out!

02.27.2017 at8:34 AM #

Rocio Norman

Love your recipes! I would love to win an instant pot! Would be so helpful for a working/PhD student mom like me!

02.27.2017 at8:38 AM #

Heidi Prime

I loved using a pressure cooker when I was in London 50 years ago! This looks like a big step up!

02.27.2017 at8:45 AM #

Natasha Shabani

I am intrigued by the Instant Pot! Would love to have one.

02.27.2017 at8:46 AM #

Louise Warren

I would love to be able to try out the recipes you posted. I would also like to try canning things using the Instant Pot.

02.27.2017 at8:46 AM #

Tricia Sweet

My friend who lived in Canada swears by her instant pot. I would love to try one!

02.27.2017 at8:47 AM #

Heidi Koempel

I keep debating buying an instantpot! Sounds too good to be true!

02.27.2017 at8:48 AM #

Kate Allen

Love all of these ideas! I have heard so much about the InstaPot and would love to try!

02.27.2017 at9:01 AM #

Kendall Laidlaw

Funny, when you first hear about something and once you do, then it seems to be everywhere. Last week, I heard about the InstaPot for the first time and now I’ve read and seen videos on it’s wonders. I’m not a big gadget person, so the vote is still out. But, it could be a good gift for my mom who lives alone.

02.27.2017 at9:03 AM #


Can’t wait to do some instant pot cooking! The recipes sound delicious. Thanks for the chance to win.

02.27.2017 at9:10 AM #


Looking forward to trying an instant pot.

02.27.2017 at9:14 AM #

Vi Dang

I like a multi-purpose cookware. I currently own a pressure cooker and a slow cooker and a rice cooker. It would save me so much space counter and encourage me to cook more when I can just have an instant pot on the counter. Thank you for introducing us to it.

02.27.2017 at9:15 AM #


Yum! I’ve used a couple Zen blends in a pressure cooker. Worked great.

02.27.2017 at9:17 AM #


An Instant Pot is on my kitchen want list! The recipes look great to try when I get one!

02.27.2017 at9:19 AM #


I know people with instant pots who love them. Look amazing. Would love to win one.

02.27.2017 at9:28 AM #


These recipes look very yummy!

02.27.2017 at9:29 AM #

Cassandra Heaps

I would love to have one of these.

02.27.2017 at9:30 AM #

Toni Durbano

Would love to try an instapot!

02.27.2017 at9:31 AM #


Your recipes look spectacular! I’ve heard many people rave about instant pots. I’ve been wanting to try one out!

02.27.2017 at9:33 AM #

Emily P

I would love to have an Instant Pot! The recipes you’ve shared look great.

02.27.2017 at9:36 AM #

Gretchen Corban

Rump roast in an Instapot!?! This I have to try 🙂

02.27.2017 at9:45 AM #

Alexandra Robertson

Uhm these all look so good! The Asian chicken sounds awesome. I would love to win!

02.27.2017 at9:53 AM #

Colleen Leahy

Love your blog and would love to incorporate the instant pot in my cooking

02.27.2017 at9:53 AM #

Lauren F

These I stand pot recipes look amazing!!!!!

02.27.2017 at9:54 AM #

Linda Fowler

Would love to try the Instant Pot and your recipes!

02.27.2017 at9:58 AM #

Kristin Shepherd

I’m intrigued. I’d love to try out an Instant Pot and some new recipes.

02.27.2017 at10:12 AM #

Heather Pulcifer

Thanks for the amazing recipes!

02.27.2017 at10:12 AM #


An Instant Pot would make a HUGE difference for my family. Why should I have to make a choice between a healthy, hearty meal for my family and being able to make that yoga class? With this I won’t have to!

02.27.2017 at10:14 AM #


Oooh! I would love an Instant Pot! Sounds like instant gratification to me!

02.27.2017 at10:19 AM #

Ruthie Ritter

Seems amazing! Would love to try it!

02.27.2017 at10:29 AM #


I have a love/hate relationship with my slow cooker. The Instant Pot just might make me break it off from my slow cooker disappointments. It sounds too good to me true!

02.27.2017 at10:32 AM #

Christine E.

Would love to try. My friends have it and rave about it.

02.27.2017 at10:34 AM #


I’d love to make a cheesecake!

02.27.2017 at10:41 AM #


Wow! Those dishes look amazing. My mom used to use a pressure cooker all of the time (I applaud her for not being afraid of it), and we ate many a tasty meal from it. I look forward to following more on this blog. Thanks for the chance at the give away.

02.27.2017 at10:43 AM #

Nicole Smith

This would be a great addition to our kitchen. I’d love to make these recipes.

02.27.2017 at10:47 AM #

Ivonne Almazan

I’ve seen so many recipes for the pot that I would love to have one! They look amazing!

02.27.2017 at10:50 AM #


I’ve been looking into getting one, but wasn’t sure about the instant pot vs power pressure XL (because there are 8 and 10 qt options and I like leftovers!). But I’ve heard so much about the instant pot, I’m just not sure which one to try!

02.27.2017 at10:52 AM #

shannon oelrich

I would love to try an instant pot for the pressure cooking capabilities.

02.27.2017 at10:53 AM #

Nicole Saegh

Would love an instant pot!

02.27.2017 at10:55 AM #


I really really need this! It would be fantastic if I win!

02.27.2017 at10:58 AM #


Is it my lucky day?! Dying to try this thing! Pick me please!

02.27.2017 at11:01 AM #

Samia Kullab

Hi Katie! I would love to try an Instant Pot! You are the third fellow dietitian I’ve met singing its praises! As a mother of three young children transitioning back to full-time, I need fast, easy, healthy ways to feed my family. Love your blog?

02.27.2017 at11:04 AM #

Carolyn smith

Dying to try the instant pot. I’ve had my eye on them for awhile.

02.27.2017 at11:05 AM #


Mom of two always looking for new ways to make quick, healthy, homemade meals. Would love to add Instant Pot to our repertoire!

02.27.2017 at11:17 AM #

Erin H

I’ve been dying to try an Instant Pot. Thanks for the insight and recipes, Katie!

02.27.2017 at11:25 AM #

Virginia Jaramillo

I want to get in on the Instant Pot rage! Thanks, Katie

02.27.2017 at11:30 AM #

Jodi Lind

What a great giveaway! My family would love to try one.

02.27.2017 at11:31 AM #


These recipes look good. I love my instant pot. I’d love to win one for my sister.

02.27.2017 at11:32 AM #

Malaika clelland

I want to cook with the instant pot! I have many friends doing this and I hope to start too!

02.27.2017 at11:35 AM #

Arica Lingerfelt

Have heard so much about the instant pot and would love to try this out for healthy meals for my family!

02.27.2017 at11:44 AM #

Jamie Feuerman

I would love to become an instant pot groupie as my slow cooker just doesn’t deliver the flavor my family demands!

02.27.2017 at12:01 PM #


I would love to try this!

02.27.2017 at12:03 PM #

Jennifer Warner

Wow. I’d love to join the instant pot bandwagon. I’ve got an exchange student eating me out of house and home in addition to my regular gang of three guys! Thanks!

02.27.2017 at12:08 PM #


An instant pot would be amazing for cooking for my family of 4!

02.27.2017 at12:22 PM #


I love trying new things and would love to try out an Instant Pot – always on the hunt for ways to feed my family well while being efficient.

02.27.2017 at12:30 PM #


Oh my gosh…..this is right up my alley. I’d love an Instant Pot. It would be a perfect fit for a working Mom and her family of 5. Quick, easy, and most of all healthy–that’s my motto around here.

02.27.2017 at12:33 PM #

Julie Stevens

That pork stuffed sweet potato… looks delicious! I would love to try it with a new instant pot 🤗

02.27.2017 at12:33 PM #

Lori H.

I’ve heard such great things about the Instant Pot. Would love to get one for my family.

02.27.2017 at12:33 PM #

sarah k @ the pajama chef

an instant pot is on my wish list! everything looks delish 🙂

02.27.2017 at12:39 PM #


I’d love to try one of these! Cooking for 5 eats up a lot of time and this could be a huge time saver.

02.27.2017 at12:46 PM #

Sara Hubbard

These recipes look great. An Instant pot has been on my wish list!

02.27.2017 at12:53 PM #


Enter me to win an Instapot!!

02.27.2017 at12:56 PM #

Ashley Gulyban

gorg pics

02.27.2017 at12:59 PM #


These recipes look amazing! I am pregnant with my 3rd and always looking for ways to cook more efficiently and the slow cooker overwhelms me with time and size. Would love to try the instant pot! Thanks for sharing these ideas!!

02.27.2017 at1:02 PM #

Laura Homen

I borrowed my neighbors after Christmas and didn’t want to give it back. Makes great bone broth.

02.27.2017 at1:07 PM #


Thanks for the Instant Pot recipes. No need to enter me in the drawing, since I already have an IP that I have been using several times a week since I got it. Makes the best bean soup and I made a whole chicken last night with Chinese five spice, cumin and white pepper after braising the chicken on the sauté mode and then removing it to sauté fennel, garlic and shallots before putting the chicken back in with about 1/2 cup water. So easy and so yummy! Can’t wait to see more of your recipes!

02.27.2017 at1:09 PM #

Marlo L

This would be a great way to healthy meals quickly for my family.

02.27.2017 at1:14 PM #


Every since we talked I’ve been intrigued with the Instant Pot. So why not enter? Recipes look great!!

02.27.2017 at1:15 PM #


Looking forward to trying out the new recipes!

02.27.2017 at1:18 PM #

Cynthia Clouser

I have been considering purchasing an Instant Pot. I thoroughly enjoy cooking the old fashioned way, however, I would love to make yogurt. It would also come in handy for community events, when I cook for folks.

02.27.2017 at1:19 PM #

Christal Ferris

I would love to have an instant pot! Yum!

02.27.2017 at1:50 PM #


Would love to win

02.27.2017 at1:52 PM #

Michelle walker

I would love to try these recipes, they look yum. I’ve been wanting one of these for ages and would love to try one for our family meals.

02.27.2017 at2:10 PM #


Been wanting to try an Instant Pot and would love a chance to win one! These recipes look amazing!

02.27.2017 at2:15 PM #


I admit it.. I am a horrible cook. I have been hearing about this and think it might help me! Please pick me!!!

02.27.2017 at2:52 PM #


I’m very curious about it – would love to try it.

02.27.2017 at3:18 PM #


I would love to try out an instant pot – everyone keeps raving about them.

02.27.2017 at4:25 PM #

Tonya Tison

Those recipes look delicious! I’ve been wanting to try out an instant pot.

02.27.2017 at4:30 PM #


I’ve been tempted multiple times to buy an instant pot… but it’s hard when I have a hard time storing all my crock pots as it is…

02.27.2017 at4:31 PM #

carol clark

i been reading up on these sounds like a neafty little machine

02.27.2017 at4:42 PM #


Instant pot sounds amazing……especially if you are recommending it!

02.27.2017 at4:57 PM #

Cindy Moritz

My friend keeps raving about her Instant Pot and then I read your article! I’m feeling the peer pressure and the recipes are making my mouth water!

02.27.2017 at5:11 PM #

Amy Rossi

I’d love to try the Instant Pot!

02.27.2017 at5:19 PM #


Yumm! An instant pot would be amazing!

02.27.2017 at5:23 PM #

Claire Bobrow

The turkey and sweet potato chili has my name on it – yum!! Thanks for enlightening us all about the Instant Pot. In my mind I’m calling it the Wonder Pot 🙂

02.27.2017 at6:52 PM #

S. Kuhn

I’m a full time dietitian and a full time mom! I love to cook tasty healthy meals for my family and an instant pot would help a lot!!

02.27.2017 at7:43 PM #

Charity Dubberley

Every day I get more intrigued by the Instant pot. It would so help with dinner prep when the 4-month old is crying unless attached to me, and the 3-yr old is going crazy too!

02.27.2017 at7:51 PM #


My jaw literally dropped when I saw your post say “instant pot giveaway” NO WAY!! With 2 boys ages 2.5 and 9 months I’m always looking for better ways and recipes to make healthy delicious meals for my family. We will soon be moving across the U.S. (Texas to Upper michigan) to move back to my home town to have my boys be closer to my family and while searching for a house to buy we will he saying with my dad… an instant pot would be amazing to help get dinner on the table for all 7 of us!!

02.27.2017 at8:01 PM #

Cindy Conner Bowling

Those recipes look so delicious. I cook for a family of 7 and could really use an Instant Pot. Thanks for the chance.

02.27.2017 at9:27 PM #

Courtney Battaglia

I would love to try an instant pot, thanks for the opportunity!

02.27.2017 at9:55 PM #


Looks like an awesome product! My sister has been an eyeing an instant pot for a while, so if I win this would be for her! She would be so thrilled! Thanks for the opportunity!

02.27.2017 at10:57 PM #

Hayley Beale

You’ve converted me – I’d love to have an Instant Pot!

02.27.2017 at11:12 PM #


I look forward to your weekly blog posts for inspiration. Our family enjoys lots of your recipes. Would love ❤️ the Instant Pot.

02.28.2017 at12:01 AM #


Have been debating for months on purchasing one. Thanks for sharing all the recipes for Instant Pot. Especially a whole chicken since I cook one every week ❤️

02.28.2017 at1:17 AM #


I have been really intrigued with this appliance lately! The recipes look good and it looks like a major timesaver. Win-Win situation, right?

02.28.2017 at1:19 AM #

Katy Dyer

I think an Instant Pot would make life simpler and tastier!

02.28.2017 at1:44 AM #


I’d love to try an Instant Pot, to save time. Thank you!

02.28.2017 at2:14 AM #

Tiffany montoya

I can’t wait to get an Insta Pot in my kitchen!

02.28.2017 at3:11 AM #


These recipes looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to get an Insta Pot!

02.28.2017 at3:53 AM #

John B

I do most of the cooking for my family and work full time. It would be great to have an Instapot to cook with.

02.28.2017 at6:16 AM #


I’ve heard so many good things about Instant Pots!

02.28.2017 at6:27 AM #

Ariel Finks

My mother in law has one of these and I am sooo jealous! Everything that comes out of it is amazing. I cant believe how fast it cooks! Thank you for the chance to win.

02.28.2017 at7:04 AM #

Annie Schwab

Would love to have one!!

02.28.2017 at7:20 AM #

Lorie Fleischer

Sounds like a fun cooking adventure!

02.28.2017 at8:59 AM #

Kimmy Ripley

Everything looks fantastic! I would be overjoyed to win. Cooking is my #1 passion in life and my kitchen needs an Instant Pot. Thank you so much for the chance!

02.28.2017 at10:27 AM #

Weny Okano

Having a smallish kitchen, the idea of only storing one appliance instead of 3 sounds incredible! 🙂

02.28.2017 at11:50 AM #


These recipes look amazing! I need to make quick and easy meals each week since I’m out of the house from 8am – 9:30pm, and it would be great to have the option to make them in an instant pot! Yummy! 🙂

02.28.2017 at12:37 PM #


We’ve been wondering about getting an instat pot – winning one would be awesome!

02.28.2017 at2:36 PM #

Tina Engberg

I hadn’t heard of an Instapot until this weekend when I was with a friend who is doing the Whole 30 regimen. I’m so curious about it. I have a traditional pressure cooker, but this seems to be even better….I’d love to win it. I learned of your page through Sally of Real Mom Nutrition.

02.28.2017 at4:54 PM #


THE recipes look amazing! I’ve been drooling over the instant pot for a while now!

02.28.2017 at7:06 PM #

Emily McGlone

I was literally just talking to my husband about this pot, he seems skeptical and I want to prove him wrong! Your recipes look so good!

02.28.2017 at9:23 PM #


I love all your recipes! Thanks!!

02.28.2017 at10:00 PM #


I’ve never owned a slow cooker or rice cooker. Would love to try this pot!

03.01.2017 at5:40 AM #

Jeanette Moyer

My husband has been wanting us to get an instant pot. I love how it can make mealtime planning and cooking so much more convenient without sacrificing quality.

03.01.2017 at4:19 PM #


With a 2-year-old and #2 coming in August, an Instant Pot would sure help us get good, healthy food on the table quickly!

03.01.2017 at8:48 PM #


I’m so curious about these and would love to try one!

03.02.2017 at11:23 AM #

Liz Weiss

I’d love to try my hand at the Insta Pot. I’m curious if meats dry out in the Insta Pot like they tend to do in the slow cooker. Or is the cooking time just too darn fast? Thanks 🙂

03.03.2017 at11:25 AM #

Elizabeth Newsome

I’ve been wanting to try an Instant Pot for months! I’m such a lazy chef that I need all the help I can get! My friend made cheesecakes in hers, so I HAVE to try that!

03.03.2017 at6:08 PM #

theresa j

I see so many recipes utilizing the instant pot and would love to own one

03.04.2017 at7:19 PM #

Kelly M.

I don’t have an instapot, but I would love to win so I could make this soup! http://www.runningwithtweezers.com/instant-pot-sweet-potato-carrot-and-red-lentil-soup/

03.05.2017 at3:40 PM #

Margart Romero

Thank you for all your great recipes and inspiration. I would love to try an instant pot…have been hearing RAVE reviews too.

06.02.2017 at10:33 AM #

Rima Kleiner

Hi, Katie! Love this post. I’ve never used a pressure cooker but I’m considering getting an Instant Pot. However, most of the recipes I’ve seen are meat- and poultry-based. I mostly cook plant-based (dairy is welcome!) and fish-based recipes. Have you found that the Instant Pot is good/worth it for plant-based and fish-based recipes? If so, any favorite blogs/cookbooks to check out for recipes? Thanks!

06.02.2017 at10:33 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Rima, I think it’s great for beans and legumes. I have not cooked fish in it. Generally, fish is quick cooking, so it probably makes less sense for that. That said, I’ve read that folks are steaming frozen salmon in the Instant Pot. That’s sort of interesting to me. On my ‘to do’ list is to develop more plant-based recipes…chilis, vegetarian curries, etc. I am still exploring myself, and have not hit on a favorite resource. There are a couple of Instant Pot FB groups where there is lot of idea sharing.

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