12 Fun Foodie Gifts for Kids

best cooking gifts for kids

I don’t allow myself to percolate or plan for the December holidays until Thanksgiving is firmly in my rear view mirror. Now that it’s behind us, it’s game on for holiday prep, including gathering Christmas wish lists and firing up the oven for baking. Along those lines, I’ve curated some of my favorite food and cooking gifts for kids. You’ll find links for purchase within the description of each item. And if you have a favorite kids-in-the-kitchen gift idea, please share in the comments section below!

best cooking gifts for kidsMeasuring Cups of their Very Own

Bakers-in-training will appreciate these charming Nesting Measuring Cups  to store alongside yours. Print out a favorite cookie recipe to pair with the measuring cups and they’ll have a reason to get baking.

best cooking gifts for kids

Adorable Eco-Friendly Bento

I’m crushing on these bento boxes by Ekobo that comes in a variety of colors and are made from eco-friendly bamboo. The bentos are on the petite side, but even my teen finds it handy for packing a small sandwich, fruit and veggie.

best cooking gifts for kids

Old-School Popcorn Popper

My kids have loved this popcorn maker since they were tiny, turning the crank as the popcorn pops on the stove (I like that the popcorn gets made without any chemicals…just oil and popcorn).


best cooking gifts for kidsStarter Knives

The Curious Chef Knife Set is a reliable way to get kids started with knife skills in the kitchen. Looking for something a little sturdier? Check out this Opinel Petite Chefs Knife Set that comes with a knife, peeler, and finger guard to keep little hands safe.

best cooking gifts for kids

101 Healthiest Foods for Kids

I’m a superfan of this colorful book, which may be more of a “mommy and me” sort of gift. Grab a copy and work your way through the A to Z of healthy foods, with simple recipes scattered throughout.

best cooking gifts for kidsMonthly Kids Cooking Club

Raddish Kids is a cooking club in a box. Recipes, activities, grocery lists, and cooking tools arrive at your doorsteps and are custom-made for everyone from little kids to tweens.

best cooking gifts for kids

Reusable Rainbow Straws

I weaned our family off of plastic straws a few years ago once we discovered glass ones, they’re surprisingly sturdy and perfect for slurping smoothies.

best cooking gifts for kids

A Kid’s Classic

Bread and Jam for Frances remains, hands down, my favorite children’s book. It also happens to work in a message about what happens when you get too picky about what you put on your plate.


best cooking gifts for kids

Fork and Knife Set

These Snack Rabbit Nesting Utensils are so darn sweet, I’m tempted to get a set for myself. Good for sending with a school lunch, too.

best cooking gifts for kids

Cute-as-Can Be Egg Cups

For the soft-cooked egg lovers in your house, this set of porcelain egg cups are ideal for serving up breakfast along with slices of buttered toast “soldiers” for dunking. I’m also smitten with this sweet set of egg cups that are a little more on the feminine side.

best cooking gifts for kidsColorful Pop Molds

An easy alternative to traditional ice pop molds, you can fill these silicon pop molds with fruit juice or your favorite fro yo blend (I routinely fill mine with leftover smoothie from the blender).

My Cookbooks!

Rise and Shine

Many of the recipes in Best Lunch Box Ever and Rise & Shine are entry-level easy. Little kids will benefit from help by a grown ups; teens and tweens may well be able to go it alone.

Note: this post includes affiliate links. Mom’s Kitchen Handbook earns a tiny percent of purchases made from these links. It’s part of what keeps the engine running here and is most appreciated. 


01.24.2024 at5:07 PM #


Fabulous…I hope this helps take the “fear” out of getting kids into the kitchen. The kitchen is also a magnet for great conversations! Get to know your children better by working together. Tryu new foods together and practice food courage. Help them to be resilience and flexible. In the kitchen mishaps can happen and sometimes a swap in a recipe can lead to a new even better discovery. Just ask the Tarin sisters who accidentally made the now famous Tarte Tatin. Last but not least, cooking at home can not only be healthier but more budget friendly.

01.24.2024 at5:07 PM #

Katie Morford

Agree on all fronts!

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