2019 Holiday Kitchen & Cooking Gift Guide

As Maria von Trapp famously sang in the Sound of Music, “these are a few of my favorite things.” Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a sibling, spouse, or a little one — or need to give hints to your hubby about what to stash under the tree — here are some of my current favorites when it comes to all things kitchen, cooking, and entertaining. If you have something you’re crazy about at the moment, please share in the comments section below. Also, I’ll be doing an Instagram Giveaway later this week of a couple of these goodies, so follow me there so you can enter.

When I popped by my cousin’s house for a visit last week, she pulled out these elegant champagne coupes for a holiday toast. I was surprised to learn that they’re from Crate & Barrel at a pretty reasonable price. I also love that you don’t have to buy a whole set, since they’re sold individually. How cute would it be to gift someone a pair of pretty glasses and a bottle of bubbly to go with?

These Soda Stream Machines are for an entirely different kind of bubbly, one that has helped my kids lose their taste for soda. My mom gave me one several years ago for Christmas and we use it daily to make fizzy water.

Although this book doesn’t officially come out until December 24th, it’s worth pre-ordering. In part because it’s a terrific cookbook that takes everyday sweet and savory dishes and reworks them deliciously using less sugar. But also because author Jennifer Tyler Lee promises a bonus set of holiday cookie recipes for every pre-ordered copy.

I feel like I’m always rifling around for an extra paring knife, so a whole set of four seems like a dream. Plus, the bright colors of these Opinel knives make them easy to find in your kitchen drawers. If you’re looking for a starter knife for one of your kids, I like this one from the same company.

Mr. Mom’s Kitchen gave this bowl to me several years ago and I’m still obsessively in love with it. It’s called the vegetable bowl from a local ceramics company called Heath. Yes, it’s pricey, but its simple beauty, handmade quality, and the fact that it is very sturdy, makes it a worthwhile investment.

This is a rock solid everyday healthy cookbook for one-dish meals. Every recipe is done in a skillet, pot, or sheet pan, with straightforward prep and minimal clean up. It’s my kind of cooking and I want to eat everything in this book.

Microgreens land somewhere between sprouts and mature greens and can be grown indoors in a matter of weeks. They’re nutritious and make a flavorful addition to salads and other dishes. I haven’t tried this kit from Hamama myself, but it gets solid reviews and is one I wouldn’t mind tackling in my own kitchen.

I couldn’t do a gift guide without including my beloved Millie Lottie tote. This woman-owned company makes sturdy canvas bags that are lined on the inside, so they’re waterproof (perfect for farmers’ market produce or picnic goodies). I have the medium-sized denim Branch Tote and it’s become my everyday bag that still looks great after two years of heavy use.

We are all about re-usables over here, and this Hydro Flask coffee cup makes it stylish to go green. It’s on one of my kids’ Christmas lists and I was lucky to find it on sale. I may just need to borrow it when she’s not looking.

I don’t even know where to begin with this book, I love it so much. Author Carolyn Williams does an amazing job explaining inflammation in a totally approachable, understandable way and offers guidance and recipes for eating an anti-inflammatory diet. It’s one of my very top books of the year.

I’m a cast iron pan super fan and Lodge makes them in a whole range of sizes at very affordable price points. I have a 12-inch pan for sautéing, making frittatas, and baking crisps and cakes. I think this little one is a great gift for new cooks, especially, who are looking to build their kitchen supplies (and it’s only about 8 bucks). If you’re looking for more of a splurge, these Staub pans are gorgeous.

I like the idea of re-usable straws for stocking stuffers or Hanukkah gifts. I prefer the glass ones in part because you can see if they’re really clean. If you’re worried they’ll break, metal ones will do the trick, too.

This is a really wonderful cookbook for kids of all ages to introduce global flavors in an engaging format. It encourages kids to expand their palates, try new foods, and get acquainted with the cuisines of places from Brazil to Nigeria and everywhere in between. I have learned a thing or two myself and wish this had been around when my own kids were young.

I’ve been using old-school corkscrews since I opened my first bottle of wine way back when. That is until a friend gave me one of these automatic wine openers for Christmas last year. I’m crazy about it and don’t think I can ever go back. The brand has a range of options, but this is the one I use.

Should I Buy an Instant Pot

If you or someone you love is ready to get on the Instant Pot train, now’s the time. It’s excellent for making cozy soups and stews, pots of beans, yogurt, and pretty much everything in between (you can read my original review here). If you need a cookbook to go with, check out the Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook by registered dietitian Dana Angelo White.

Since we’re talking about making meals, consider giving a donation in the name of a friend or family member to No Kid Hungry, which is dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

Prep The Cookbook

Last but not least, there are a few books near and dear to my heart. PREP, my most recent book is for new cooks. Rise and Shine is my weekday breakfast cookbook full of recipes and strategies for getting a tasty start to your day. And Best Lunch Box Ever is for anyone struggling to get those school lunches packed!

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12.09.2019 at4:41 AM #

Louise, RD

Great ideas- thanks a bunch!

12.09.2019 at4:41 AM #

Katie Morford

You’re most welcome!

12.11.2019 at6:08 PM #


I’m wondering about the soda stream that you like here. I looked on Amazon and almost all of the reviews are awful. You like it? Or is there a certain soda stream that is better?
Thank you,

12.11.2019 at6:08 PM #

Katie Morford

Hi Kara,

I have just the basic soda stream and have had it for several years without any issues. That’s just my personal experience with it. We use it everyday. I’ve added a different link to one that has better reviews.

03.13.2020 at2:55 AM #

Laurel J. Proulx

Hi, did you think about meat grinders as an option for kitchen-gift? I love this item. Thanks.

03.13.2020 at2:55 AM #

Katie Morford

That’s not a kitchen tool I’ve used, but I’m sure would be appreciated by a sausage lover 🙂

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