2020 “Favorite Things” Holiday Gift Guide


“A few of my favorite things” is the theme for this year’s gift guide, where I’ve curated all the happy, shiny things I’ve loved most within the past year. Most of what you’ll find here is within my comfort zone of kitchen and cooking, but I also branched out to include some self-care favorites (I think we could all use any extra dose of that these days). Feel free to share a few of your favorite things in the comments below!

I have a soft spot for all things small, so these delicate little glasses are right up my alley. They’re stackable and terrific whether you’re pouring rosé, a petite cocktail, or a shot of my turmeric tonic. Bonus points? You can get a set of eight right now for under $10.

One unanticipated outcome of COVID is that’s I’ve become a coffee drinker. Perhaps having my hubby make me a perfect cup each day is what did it. Regardless, the pour over is his preferred method and he uses gear from Blue Bottle, a local company I happen to love (they’re consistently kind). They make a pour over coffee kit with everything you need, including step-by-step instructions.

Since I’m just getting started in my journey as a coffee drinker, I haven’t quite graduated to fancy electric kettles yet. That said, folks swear by these ones with a swan neck spout. This Stagg brand caught my eye in a shop last week and it comes in a series of gorgeous finishes and has excellent reviews.

I’m entirely enchanted with Pasta Grannies, a video series that captures the grandmothers of Italy working the art of handmade pasta. This cookbook catalogues their recipes and techniques and is just right for anyone interested in the craft of Italian cooking.

Since socializing outdoors is the order of the day right now, I invested in a slew of these hot water bottles to keeps us all warm in the back yard when friends or family visit. They’re budget-friendly and I love that they look like little cable knit sweaters.

tips for entertaining during covid

Another way to jazz up your backyard festivities is an OFYR grill. I’ve been entirely smitten since being gifted one back in September. You can cook practically anything on this beauty and it doubles as an outdoor heater. While it certainly falls into the splurge category, Weston Table is offering my followers a $200 discount if you use the promo code Healthy200.

Instant Family Meals is the latest cookbook essential from my friend Sarah Copeland. It focuses on Instant Pot recipes, with lots of options for the slow cooker, too. I’ve made several recipes so far, including an excellent risotto, DIY vegetable broth, and a delicious dal. If you have someone on your list with an Instant Pot, they should own this book. If an Instant Pot is on your wish list, you can add to cart by clicking here.

When it comes to gift chocolates, there’s nothing I like better than an old school box of See’s Nuts & Chews. Working your way through a box and guessing what’s on the inside? That’s half the fun.

My sister gifted me this gorgeous body oil for my birthday and it feels like I’m visiting a spa every time I use it (which is good, since it doesn’t look like spas are going to be open any time soon).

A good knife is every cook’s best friend. I’m fond of a santoku, since I love the size and efficiency. This pretty Shun knife is on super sale at the moment and I also like this Wusthof one, too.

These Baggu bag are easy to stash in your purse and come in a range of colorful patterns. They’re perfect for Hanukkah gifts or stashing in a stocking.

I don’t know any home cook who doesn’t have a dose of burnout when it comes to planning and shopping for supper. Enter One Potato, an organic meal kit that is tailor-made for families. The food is tasty, thoughtfully assembled, and very easy to pull together. For folks in San Francisco, there’s also Franny’s Kitchen, owned by a mom of three and wonderful cook who hand delivers fully cooked meals to your doorstep.

I’m a sucker for succulents, since they dress up any space and make even a plant novice feel like they have a green thumb. They also happen to make great gifts that last a whole lot longer than cut flowers. Peruse my favorite succulent shop, which will set up a virtual shopping visit if you so desire and package up all your goodies for shipping.

I had to throw one gimmicky item into the mix, so enter the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. People are raving about this thing and I’m planning to get one for Mr. Mom’s Kitchen (don’t tell!). For more breakfast inspo, check out Rise & Shine, my “all-things-breakfast” cookbook.

If I had to pick one style of eating I embrace more than any other, it would have to be Mediterranean. Here’s the second Mediterranean cookbook in a series written by a pair of registered dietitians that brings this wholesome approach to life through vibrant, easy recipes.

One thing that has sustained me through these many months of the pandemic is online fitness classes. The Peloton Fitness App and Melissa Wood Health pilates/yoga classes have been my “go-to” resources for staying strong. Both offer monthly subscriptions with unlimited access to all their classes.

Prep The Cookbook

Whether you have a teen, college kids, or a starter cook to find a gift for, my most recent book, PREP, will walk them through every step. Add some cooking gear (cutting board, knife, sturdy skillet, or whisk, just to name a few), for a themed gift with little effort.

Consider gifting your loved ones a donation made on their behalf to support folks facing food insecurity, such as No Kid Hungry, which does wonderful work to fight child hunger.

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12.08.2020 at8:13 AM #


Great ideas Katie. Thank you! What I really want is the OFYR grill, but I am going to settle for the hamilton beach breakfast maker which looks great and we actually have room for. Happy Holidays!

12.08.2020 at8:13 AM #

Katie Morford

Maybe next year 🙂

12.08.2020 at9:18 AM #

Annie Fenn

Fantastic list, as always! I gave my son the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker when he went off to college, and it actually lasted all 4 years! I can only hope he tucked some spinach and tomato in there sometimes.

12.08.2020 at9:18 AM #

Katie Morford

Good to know, since I have one on the way 🙂

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