23 Ideas for your Thanksgiving Table

Roasted Bone-In Turkey Breast

Whether you’re hosting this year or bringing a dish to another’s table, I figure now is a good time to trot out my Thanksgiving recipes. Take a gander at the ideas below to see if anything grabs your eye. I’ve got everything from pre-feast nibbles to a favorite creamy topping for any holiday dessert. If you have some tried-and-true Thanksgiving dishes that you’ll be cooking this year, please tell me about them in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for inspiration myself.


Cheater’s Cheese Ball

Boursin Cheese Ball

Moroccan Spiced Walnuts

Blue Cheese and Persimmon Crostini

Cheese Fondue in a Roasted Pumpkin

Cheese Fondue in a Roasted Pumpkin with cheese pull

Cheese & Sweet Potato Crostini

Sweet Potato Crostini


Arugula, Delicata Squash, and Pomegranate Salad

Super Seed Salad with Crunchy Apple and Miso Vinaigrette

Salad of apple and lettuce on a dark plate with a side of seeds

Cabbage Salad with Dried Cranberries and Walnuts

Colorful Cabbage Salad

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad with Lemon and Pecorino

Baby Kale Salad with Persimmon and Roasted Grapes

Genius Butternut Squash Soup

bowl of butternut squash soup

Creamy Root Vegetable Soup

Creamy Root Vegetable Soup


Creamy Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower

Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower

Honey-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Pomegranate and Cilantro

honey glazed sweet potatoes

Roasted Cabbage Wedges with Pistachios and Miso Butter

Wedges of roasted cabbages on a sheet pan with pan of miso butter

Roasted Delicata Squash with Maple Syrup and Thyme

Halved Roasted Delicata Squash on a sheet pan with thyme, maple syrup, and butter

Brussels Sprouts Panzanella with Persimmons and Bacon

roasted Brussels sprouts salad recipe


Oven Roasted Bone-In Turkey Breast

Roasted Bone-In Turkey Breast


Rustic Apple and Walnut Tart

Rustic Apple Walnut Tart

Persimmon Pudding Cake

Persimmon Pudding

Cran-Raspberry Pecan Tart

Cran-Raspberry Pecan Tart

Rustic Italian Apple Cake

Crème Fraîche Whipped Cream

Crème Fraîche Whipped Cream


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Wow, everything looked so yummy. I’m making that cabbage with miso butter and pistachios…today! I just had to share that I remembered making cheese balls in the 1970’s with my mother. It was a great family project to enjoy and give away, Is there anyone who doesn’t like cheese? Around Christmas, my mother made smaller cheese balls and made them look like ornaments. She rolled the cheese balls with various toppings like dried fruit and nuts and then took a few chives to make a loop at the top…as if you would hang it on a tree. Thanks for sharing and bringing back fond memories from the kitchen.

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