24 More Chances to Win My Book

If you weren’t one of the lucky moms to win the Best Lunch Box Ever cookbook & Kids Konserve lunch gear giveaway (or you hadn’t gotten around to entering the Dacor range contest), it’s not too late. I’ve got lots more chances for you starting over at blogs run by a few of my favorite RDs:  Real Mom Nutrition,  Just the Right Byte, Raise Healthy Eaters, and Meal Makeover Moms,

I’ve also teamed up with the 21 mommy bloggers below who will ALL be featuring the giveaway in the days to come. Up your chances and enter every one.  Who knows, maybe you’ll end up a with a small library of cookbooks, lunch box supplies, AND that fancy new Dacor range.


08.12.2013 at10:41 AM #

Lisa Weidknecht

GREAT book! I’m so happy to help you launch it! Lisa @ Planet Weidknecht

08.12.2013 at10:41 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you Lisa! Most appreciated.

08.12.2013 at3:10 PM #


We are doing lots of renos and our biggest is our kitchen area! Winning a Daco would be wonderful, with a baby on the way this late Fall we are really thinking about everything before we make purchases but we do need a full kitchen appliance set. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize! Twitter fan@plumerea

08.12.2013 at3:52 PM #

Lisa Booher

The best lunch box ever is making BLT and chips on the side with it! It nice to put it in the sandwich bag to keep it nice and fresh. Also nice can of juice .:-)

08.12.2013 at4:30 PM #


Would love to win it!

08.12.2013 at4:31 PM #

Carole Galen Britt

Hoping that I qualify for a much needed gas range for my kitchen. It is not in the budget!!
I have just retired after almost 40 years teaching.
My experience has covered grade school and 11 years as an instructor in the Texas Prison Education System.
Your cookbook will be most helpful for those meeting the nourishment needs of their children.

08.12.2013 at4:37 PM #

Carole Galen Britt

Hoping that I qualify for a chance to win a new gas range. It isn’t in my budget.
After 40 years teaching, I am now retired.
My career included the public schools and 11 years with the Texas Prison Educational System.
Your new cookbook will be most helpful to those serious about meeting the requirements of good nourishment for their children.

08.12.2013 at5:07 PM #

Jo Smith

ham and cheese grilled

08.12.2013 at5:16 PM #

Trina Knadler

OMG! The DACOR 30″ is like a carriage and I would turn into
Cinderella and use my pumpkin of a stove!

08.12.2013 at5:19 PM #

Trina Knadler

New range new kitchen:)

08.12.2013 at5:29 PM #

Donna B!

So thrilled to have this opportunity. Keep up the good work. My husband is a chef so we could really use this right now. Thanks again.

08.12.2013 at9:07 PM #

Suzan Walker

Would love a new Dacor range, which might just get me more motivated to do a mini-kitchen makeover!

08.13.2013 at12:29 PM #

vickie kendall

if I won the 30” stove, all of my meals would be perfect.

08.18.2013 at5:57 AM #


Hi! I was just getting out the pen and paper to plan our first week of back-to-school lunches, and I thought; “Someone should write a cookbook about healthy lunches to help those of us feeling uninspired!” and here it is! Thank you for writing it, I look forward to using it in the future.

08.18.2013 at9:50 PM #


I would love to have the opportunity to try my new creations for my girls on this!!

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