5 Simple Cinco De Mayo Recipes

mango recipes

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Cinco De Mayo has been BIG in our house ever since the arrival of my middlest girl, who was born smack in the center of that festive day. It’s no wonder she’s always up for a party. It’s also meant more than a few Mexican-themed birthday parties that began with chips and guac and ended with a big pinata. And even though she’s nearly 17 now (and not particularly interested in themed parties planned by her mother), I can’t let the day pass without at least some festive Cinco de Mayo fun.

This year, I’ve teamed up with the folks at the National Mango Board to drum up five easy ways to brighten your Cinco de Mayo. The mango recipes are colorful and creative, without taking all day to execute. And since mangos are a traditional Mexican treat, they’re a perfect match for the fifth of May. They also happen to be ridiculously good for you:

  • Just 100 calories per cup
  • Fat-free and cholesterol-free
  • A good source of fiber
  • Loaded with vitamins A and C, both powerful antioxidants.

5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Cinco De Mayo

mango recipes

1. Create a Colorful Salsa

Swap out your standard salsa and use bright, fresh mangos instead. Here’s a go-to recipe in our house:  In a medium bowl, squeeze the juice of one lime over 3 tablespoons diced red onion. Marinate for 5 minutes. Add 1 large diced mango, 1/2 large diced avocado, 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro, and a scant 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt. If you want a kick of heat, add 1 tablespoon minced jalapeno. Mix well and serve with tortilla chips, on top of grilled chicken breasts, or over these Baja Style Shrimp Tacos.

mango recipes

2.Whiz up a Mango Mocktail

Put one cup cubed mango, 1 ½ cups coconut water, 2 teaspoons lime juice, 2 teaspoons agave nectar, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, and 2 ice cubes into a blender. Blend well until frothy and smooth. Makes 2 servings. (No judgements here if grown ups care to slip a splash of tequila into the blender)

mango recipes

3. Make A Rainbow Skewer

Alternate cubes of fiber-rich mango, strawberries, and blueberries onto skewers for a lunch box treat or colorful snack.

mango recipes

4. Prep a Power Pop

Turn your favorite mango smoothie into a tasty frozen treat. Here’s a simple one to get you started:  In a blender combine ¾ cup cubed mango, 1 cup plain yogurt, ½ cup orange juice, and 1 frozen ripe banana. Blend until smooth, pour into pop molds, and freeze.

mango recipes

5. Find a Festive Snack

Cut fresh mango, cucumber, and jicama into spears and serve with lime wedges and Tajin (a tangy Mexican spice blend) or chili powder. Douse a spear of mango with lime followed by a dash of spice.

Tip: If you don’t know how to cut a mango, head here for a terrific video tutorial.

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mango recipes


04.24.2017 at4:51 PM #

Jessica @ Nutritioulicious

Wow, what a fun birthday to have! All these recipes are so bright and beautiful, and brimming with deliciousness of course. Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy birthday to your daughter!

04.24.2017 at4:51 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Jessica. I have to say, it’s fun having an extra special reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

04.25.2017 at3:31 AM #

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition

These are all so pretty! I love mango and my third grader goes crazy for it. I recently tried that mango trick of pushing a cut half against a drinking glass to remove the skin–and it worked! 🙂

04.25.2017 at3:31 AM #

Katie Morford

Good tip Sally. Here’s a link for anyone who want to try this method for peeling a mango: http://www.thekitchn.com/can-you-really-peel-a-mango-with-a-drinking-glass-putting-tips-to-the-test-in-the-kitchn-206564

04.27.2017 at9:52 AM #


I love mango!! And these are some great ideas-I love the pop of color they add to any dish! I’ve been finding them sold fresh and pre-chopped in the produce section which is great when I’m short on time!

04.28.2017 at11:35 AM #


Gosh what a fun party!! Can I come? I’m eyeing those rainbow skewers!

04.30.2017 at8:12 AM #


So many beautiful dishes to share ? 🙂 You are great ! Thank you so much !

04.30.2017 at2:08 PM #

Deanna Segrave-Daly

OK – I’m nuts for all 5 of these recipes – on a bit of mango kick right now!

04.30.2017 at2:08 PM #

Katie Morford

Me too, Deanna. I’m hooked on that salsa.

05.02.2017 at6:14 AM #

Julie @ RDelicious Kitchen

Great ideas! Love the mango mocktail idea!

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