8 Quick and Healthy Kids Snacks

6 quick kids snacks

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When life gets busy, it’s easy for healthy eating habits to fall to the wayside. When every hour of the day is accounted for, even getting dinner on the table can be a challenge, never mind quality snacks. The good news is, there are plenty of easy snack options out there. Here are 8 quick and healthy kids snacks to get you rolling.

8 Quick and Healthy Kids Snacks

I found all of these wholesome snacks at Sprouts Farmers Market, an excellent resource for grab-and-go bites. They have a huge variety of nourishing packaged snacks, affordable organic produce, a good bulk bin section, and frequent sales on items that would otherwise be too pricey.  You’ll find eight top picks below. I’d also love to hear about your preferred snacks when time is short, so leave me a comment below.

1. Single-Serve Nut Butter

barney single-serve almond butter

Nut and seed butter in single-serve packs paired with carrots or whole grain crackers for dipping became a favorite snack in our house. These containers from Barney Butter make it easier to dip than the standard packets.

2. Good Quality Yogurt

Siggis yogurt

When it comes to buying yogurt, my preference is to opt for plain yogurt and add your own fruit and sweetener. That said, it’s been nice to have wholesome flavored options that aren’t full of artificial ingredients or excessive added sugar.  Siggi’s does a good job on both counts and my kids are big fans of the creamy texture.

3. Whole Fruit

2 red apples, a quick snack for kids

I’ve spent an awful lot of time as a mother cutting, peeling, spearing, and festooning fruit every which way. Lately though, I’ve stuck to stocking our fruit bowl with whole fruit — apples, bananas, pears, and tangerines — that requires no prep so that it can be snatched from the fruit bowl on the way out the door or upstairs to study.

4. Single-Serve Nut Packs

single serve bags of pistachios, a quick and healthy snack for kids

These packs of pistachios have become a favorite. I like that they are on the smaller size with just 80 calories, so are great for littler appetites or when you just need a tide-me-over. They come in three different flavors.

5. Hard Boiled Eggs

a carton of eggs to be hard boiled for snacks

Although this is one snack that requires a smidge of elbow grease, it’s such a good one that I’ve tried to keep them on hand. They’re portable, high in protein, and good any time of day. Sprouts has a great selection of quality eggs at prices that are more affordable than elsewhere. You’ll find my “how to” on hard boiled eggs by heading here. 

6. Popcorn

bowl of popcorn

Either make your own popcorn or look for a packaged products without artificial ingredients. Lesser Evil, Boom-Chicka-Pop, and Skinny Pop are all brands to look for.

7. Trail Mix

trail mix, a quick and healthy kids snack

I’ve been making my own trail mix since the kids were tiny, but this time around I kept it to just a couple of items packed into little jars that we could keep in the car or the kids could tuck into a backpack. Here’s my how to on making your own trail mix. 

8. Granola BarsAnnie's granola bars, a quick kids snack

It’s hard to find an easier snack than a granola bar, and it’s one that kids tend to love. I look for bars that have less than 8 grams of added sugar, at least a couple grams of fiber, and no artificial ingredients. Cascadian Farms, Kind, Good Made, and Annie’s all fit the bill. You’ll find more about how to choose a quality granola bar in this post. 

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11.06.2017 at6:56 PM #

Lauren O'Connor

All these simple snacks work for me and my girls! And I always prepare 6 hard boiled eggs at beginning of week for a quick snack (or to incorporate into a quick-prep meal).

11.06.2017 at6:56 PM #


That’s so smart to have a routine like that. Love it.

11.07.2017 at9:03 PM #

Alison Thompson

I am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is okay.

These are great ideas! Thank you! Where did you find the Barney’s cups in San Francisco?

11.07.2017 at9:03 PM #


I found them at Sprouts in Daly City, which is a pretty quick trip from where I live in SF. You could also get on the Barney’s site as they probably have a store locator.

11.08.2017 at12:23 PM #


Would love to know what you recommend in a homemade, quick trail mix. All of the suggestions are great!

Best of luck with your father’s health, and all of life’s other adventures. You have such a positive influence on the health of my family, and my personal journey of juggling motherhood, work and life. I find myself mentioning and sharing your blog with so many of my friends in daily conversation about how to do it all, in a healthy way. Just wanted to let you know from a distant follower that my thoughts are with you!

11.08.2017 at12:23 PM #

Katie Morford

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

As for the trail mix, this post might provide some insight: http://www.momskitchenhandbook.com/recipes/healthy-homemade-trail-mix/

11.12.2017 at5:34 AM #


Great ideas! Love the trail mix in a jar…packaging can make a huge difference :-). I also would love to hear your ideas on what to put in a trail mix for kids. With my current overflow of Halloween candy, I am thinking of nuts & dried fruit with chopped up candy bars…

11.12.2017 at5:34 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Sarah,

This post I wrote about making trail mix might be useful: http://www.momskitchenhandbook.com/recipes/healthy-homemade-trail-mix/

And if you want to mix in a little of your Halloween goodies with all the other healthy trail mix ingredients, I’m sure you kiddos will love it.

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