A Big Day and a Big Giveaway: Rise & Shine Book Launch

At the start of yoga class yesterday morning, my teacher said something that really hit home: You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

I’ve got some waves coming this week, some little ones, some big, and I’m feeling a little shaky on my board.

First: My new book hits store shelves TODAY! This feels like a a gentle wave; one I can manage. Plus, I’m thrilled that friends, family, and you, lovely blog readers, will be able to get your hands on Rise & Shine. If you didn’t pre-order a copy, you can buy one now using any of these links below (or, pop into your local book shop to see if they have or can order you a copy):




Cover Rise and Shine_Roost Books

Second: I get on a plane with my oldest daughter, Isabelle, in a few days. We’re bound for the East Coast to move her into a freshman dorm. She’s starting her first year of college, which feels more like a giant point break than a gentle surf. I might need to be strapped to my board to hang on for this one.

I think all of this is worth celebrating — new books, new beginnings, and riding the waves — which is why I’m doing a big giveaway .

Ninja Blender Giveaway

To start with, the folks over at Ninja have kicked in one of their Nutri Ninja Blenders with Auto-iQ™ Technology. It has more bells and whistles than a Tesla, retails for $249.99, and does a bang up job making magic with all of the luscious smoothies and blender drinks in Rise & Shine. The grand prize winner will get a blender and a copy of my book to go along with it. Two runner ups will each get a copy of Rise & Shine.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below. You must be 18 years or older to win and live in the United States. Deadline for entries is August 23 at midnight PST.


As for me? I’m going to whirl up this Strawberries and Cream Spoon Smoothie and head to the beach. I’ve got some surfing to do.

Photo credit: Rise & Shine book cover and Strawberries and Cream Spoon Smoothie, Erin Scott 



08.15.2016 at10:38 PM #

EA-The Spicy RD

Congrats on your beautiful new book Katie!! And, I can only imagine how proud you are of your oldest daughter. I’ve got 3 years to go before my eldest heads off to college, and I can’t imagine the bittersweet “waves” you’re riding right now. No doubt you have prepared her well to embrace this big, beautiful, {and delicious} life she is embarking upon! xoxo

08.16.2016 at12:13 AM #


I would be thrilled to win. Congratulations! Thanks.

08.16.2016 at3:10 AM #

Shelli Borich

Congratulations! Blessings abound!

08.16.2016 at3:18 AM #

Kathy Lane

Congrats on your new book! I’m hoping everything goes well with you and your daughter as you all embark on this new journey.

08.16.2016 at3:18 AM #

Emily Sagor

Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

08.16.2016 at3:22 AM #


Congrats on the new book! It looks beautiful. I can’t wait to check it out. Good luck moving your daughter into college. I hope all goes well!

08.16.2016 at3:35 AM #



08.16.2016 at3:54 AM #


Looking forward to the new book.
Good luck with it all!

08.16.2016 at3:55 AM #

Cynthia P.

Congratulations – on the new book and the beginning of college for your daughter. Mornings in our house will get off to a smoother start with Rise and Shine. Thank you! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride~

08.16.2016 at4:02 AM #

Jessica M

Congratulations on your new book and best wishes for an easy transition to college!

08.16.2016 at4:11 AM #


Congrats! Some beginnings are harder than others. Hang on 🙂

08.16.2016 at4:35 AM #


So excited by this book. Love your lunchbox one so know this will be a prize too.
Good luck with college. I can’t say it will be easy but you will find your way to make the missing part easier. 🙂

08.16.2016 at4:40 AM #

Stephanie Taormina

You go girl! Always love your food inspiration! We all have to eat; might as well be yummy and beautiful! Thanks for your foodie inspiration!

08.16.2016 at4:41 AM #


Congratulations on your new book! As a fellow dietitian and mom I love your blog and recipes and am so looking forward to making some of your new breakfast recipes for my two boys!

08.16.2016 at4:54 AM #

Sue L..

Congratulations on all fronts!! All the best to your daughter – it was a hard day for me when I left my daughter at college….. But the beginning of exciting things for her! Happy surfing!!

08.16.2016 at4:54 AM #

Beth G.

My children do not want to eat breakfast, so I am always looking for new ways to tempt them. Can’t wait to read it. And I’m a vegetarian and I drink a lot of smoothies!

08.16.2016 at5:00 AM #

Stephanie Phelps

Congratulations this is awesome. This would be amazing to have on my way to getting my health back after raising four sons and basically ignoring my own health!

08.16.2016 at5:12 AM #


Congratulations! What great timing on your part. Enjoy the time with your daughter! Our daughter is starting her junior year at a school 1800 miles away, and while I miss her, it’s been more exciting sharing in her adventure than it has been rough not having her at home. I’m sure you’ve given Isabelle all she needs to flourish!

08.16.2016 at5:53 AM #


Congratulations and all best wishes to you and your family. It is a very exciting time for you all! I can’t wait to see your new book!

08.16.2016 at5:56 AM #


That’s a lot for one week! The cookbook looks fabulous! I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas!

08.16.2016 at5:59 AM #


Congratulations on your new book. I have enjoyed your Best Lunchbox Ever Cookbook. As a fellow registered dietitian (retired), I am very proud of your accomplishments. You represent our profession well.

08.16.2016 at6:07 AM #

Samia K

To new beginnings and learning to surf! Congratulations!

08.16.2016 at6:20 AM #

Maria Connor

Congratulations on each of your special accomplishments! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to ride the big and small waves, as well.

08.16.2016 at6:50 AM #


Definitely worth celebrating! Congratulations!

08.16.2016 at7:10 AM #

Kim Fishback

I preordered your new book and just received an email that it is on the way! Congratulations. My blender is 23 years old and still working. I would love a new one. I would give my book to my two grandsons. I have been using your method of teaching them how to cook, this summer. They are 12 and 14. And they love learning how to cook. Henry now says ” I can do that” thank you. Kim

08.16.2016 at7:17 AM #


Congratulations! Enjoy every moment. You’re unleashing two babies into the world, very momentous day!

08.16.2016 at7:38 AM #

Louise Warren

Congratulations on your book! What an exciting time for your daughter. Celebrate and Surf On!

08.16.2016 at7:44 AM #


Your book sounds great. Would love to win and make my back to school mornings easier.

08.16.2016 at7:46 AM #

Colleen Leahy

Congratulations! Agreed all big things this week but all good things 🙂 Best wishes!

08.16.2016 at7:51 AM #

Carolyn Edwards

Loving them smoothies! Time to move on from my old Oster blender though. It served me well, but it’s time for a machine that means business.

08.16.2016 at7:56 AM #


Good luck with the college freshman launch trip!

08.16.2016 at7:59 AM #

Amy B.

Yay! The book is finally here! Congratulations! Can’t wait to try the recipes!

08.16.2016 at8:00 AM #

Claire Bobrow

Hey Katie! Congratulations on both waves – you will surf them like a champion! Can’t wait to get a copy of the new book and start cooking, and good luck to Isabelle!!!! Could there be any more exclamation points here???

08.16.2016 at8:24 AM #

Stacy Smith

Looking forward to getting your new book! My youngest is starting kindergarten this next week and I am more than emotional about it. I cant even imagine college yet!

08.16.2016 at8:29 AM #

Ellie Wright

My family would love the smoothies i could make them with this.

08.16.2016 at8:30 AM #


Still recall holding Isabelle in her baby bjorn at the SFMOMA as a swinging single in awe at your beautiful accomplishment. Congrats on giving birth to another soon to be huge success. I know Isabelle and you will both ride your giant waves with the same level of grit and finesse you use to tackle everything. Xoxo and best wishes from the Park City Brooke clan!

08.16.2016 at8:42 AM #


The book looks great! Congratulations!

08.16.2016 at8:53 AM #


i’d love this

08.16.2016 at8:57 AM #


I’m excited to read your new book! I love your lunchbox book!

08.16.2016 at8:59 AM #


Wow, big week! Hang in there momma! Congrats on the new book, looks like some great recipes I can incorporate for my tribe.

08.16.2016 at9:12 AM #


Love how yoga comments can change your outlook. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to upgrading our breakfast routine with inspiration from your new book!

08.16.2016 at9:16 AM #

Keo Fred

What an awesome give away. I would love to give this to my daughter-in-love this gift. She is expecting her second child and has wanted one for a while.

08.16.2016 at9:22 AM #

Mary H

Congrats Katie! Best of luck with the upcoming waves!

08.16.2016 at9:23 AM #


Book looks great — would love to add it to my collection! Congrats!

08.16.2016 at9:33 AM #

Pam H.

I’m thinking of you! Can’t believe it’s already happening. Our babies have grown up so quickly!

Oh, and congrats on the book. It perhaps seems like second thought given everything else happening to you now, but once Bella is all settled, it will sink in what a great accomplishment it is too! Will go buy one soon from our local bookstore – way to get them to order a few extra copies.

08.16.2016 at9:58 AM #

Crystal H

Congratulations on everything!

08.16.2016 at10:04 AM #

Meg Devine

This would be awesome! Thanks for the chance and best wishes for a successful launch.

08.16.2016 at10:12 AM #

Valerie Sullivan Barnhart

Katie – love your other book and posts. Thanks for all you do! Best of luck with the launch. Enjoy the ride! Valerie

08.16.2016 at10:18 AM #

Mary Ellen

Katie, I already ordered your book from Amazon and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. School is starting and the kids gotta eat!! Loved your last book so I’m excited!

08.16.2016 at10:23 AM #


I can’t wait to read your book and try out all of the recipes – congratulations!

08.16.2016 at10:26 AM #

Kristin A.

Katie, I just tried the arugula & pesto pita pizzas with an egg on top that Tracy featured on Shutterbean this week. Such a great recipe. Congrats on the book!

08.16.2016 at10:42 AM #

Leslie Gordon

Mazel tov on all the exciting things in your life right now. 🙂

08.16.2016 at10:44 AM #


Congrats on the new book! Very exciting 🙂 I love what your yoga teacher said….I’m writing that one down!

08.16.2016 at10:53 AM #


Congratulations on your new book, and Happy Trails for your adventures.

08.16.2016 at11:07 AM #

Cindy Smith

‘Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear’ – Buzzy Trent

I remember the fear I felt when I left my oldest Daughter at college in Texas and made my journey back to Pennsylvania without her… the anxiety I felt was overwhelming and I worried about her all the time. In those moments I remember when my own Mother would tell me how you never stop worrying about your children no matter how old they are or where they are. I realized that I had to try to put my fear aside and trust that she would make the right choices. This would be a learning experience for both of us. She is now 26 yrs old and married. She still lives in Texas and to this day, I still worry about her. She still calls me when she’s sick, wants to know how to make a particular dish or just misses me. Even though I still have 3 more children (24 Son, 17 & 14 Daughters) and a Grandadaughter (4) living with me, I still worry about her and now my Son-in-Law too. Soon my Son and Granddaughter will be moving out and my 17 yr old will finish her last year of high school. Then it’s off to college for her… the fear will be the same… as it was with my oldest Daughter. Then there will only be 2… me and my youngest Daughter. The nest will seem empty but my heart will always be full.
Sometimes the waves in life seem so much bigger than we feel we can ride but thats when I call my Mom. You see, my Mom is a pro surfer… she has been my greatest mentor, teacher and comforter.

08.16.2016 at11:39 AM #


Oh what exciting times are ahead! Here’s to surfing though life’s big and little waves.

08.16.2016 at12:53 PM #


Great news about the book! I too am sending my daughter off to college this year. It feels surreal.

08.16.2016 at12:59 PM #


How could I not be proud of my daughter — she does it all !

08.16.2016 at12:59 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks dad….but just so you know, you don’t qualify for the giveaway 🙂

08.16.2016 at2:45 PM #

Julie R

Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see it!

08.16.2016 at3:06 PM #


Congratulations! I wonder if you’re sending your daughter off to school with a blender too, that’s not on the prohibited dorm room appliances list, is it?
Love your blog as I start my own path to becoming an RD.

08.16.2016 at4:56 PM #


can’t wait to read the cookbook!

08.16.2016 at5:48 PM #

Jessica miller

Congrats to you! this would be nice to have for some smoothies!

08.16.2016 at6:13 PM #


Congrats on both the book and upcoming East Coast journey. So exciting to watch all the kids Becca’s known since kindergarten head their separate ways!

08.16.2016 at6:48 PM #

Debbie Donato

Congratulations on the launch of the new book and wishes that the book ends up in many kitchens cooking up all the tasty recipes 😉

08.16.2016 at7:24 PM #


Congrats on the book

08.16.2016 at9:02 PM #


Congrats and hang ten!

08.16.2016 at9:11 PM #


I love your recipes – my kids do too!

08.16.2016 at9:50 PM #


Congrats on both counts! I’m just a couple weeks behind on the waves (except no book!). Can’t wait to get a copy of yours!

08.17.2016 at5:12 AM #


Brava! It’s beautiful, and I’m already reading great things about the book! Excited to peruse soon. CHEERS.

08.17.2016 at5:48 AM #

Andrea Newell

Perfect timing for back-to-school, thank you for helping us send our families off with a healthy breakfast in the mornings!

08.17.2016 at6:23 AM #

Megan Greathouse

Congratulations! My fingers are crossed! I can’t wait to try all your recipes:) I am also an RD and love your recipes & blog. Thanks!

08.17.2016 at6:32 AM #

Megan A Andersen

Good luck in your surfing this weekend. My kids are not allowed to grow up and move away, because I don’t have a clue how to surf! And, I’m not fond of sharks…

08.17.2016 at6:47 AM #

Bridget Swinney RD

Congrats on your new book–can’t wait to try the recipes! I love your surfing analogy! I’ve ridden those big ones–moved two kids off to college and then one across country to the east coast. Thank God for cell phones!! Good luck with your waves!!

08.17.2016 at8:17 AM #


New beginnings can be rough. Hang on, you can do it.

08.17.2016 at8:24 AM #

Brad Holz

Congratulations & best wishes to your daughter, to you All) on a Great 4 yrs!

08.17.2016 at9:48 AM #


Congratulations!! Keep ridin the waves!!?

08.17.2016 at12:04 PM #

Kristen M

Congratulations! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day – your new Rise & Shine book looks like one that I would enjoy!

08.17.2016 at2:34 PM #

Aimee O

College feels like such a long way off – we just took our oldest to Kindergarten a few days ago! Beautiful book – really enjoying your posts!

08.17.2016 at4:46 PM #

Suri Barnes

Congratulations and the book, I can’t wait to get it into my cookbook collection!

08.17.2016 at5:19 PM #

Becky M

Congratulations on your new book!

08.18.2016 at9:44 AM #


Congrats on your new book! On your daughter going to college.. I look at my 8 year olds daughter now and just want time to slow, so I can only imagine the waves of emotion you are going through!!
What a week:)

08.18.2016 at10:47 AM #


Congrats on your new book! It looks wonderful. I have two in college now, but they’re both commuting and still living at home. So I haven’t had to go through the whole going away to school thing. Best wishes for smooth transition.

08.18.2016 at11:23 AM #


Congratulations on your book, what an amazing accomplishment!!! You should be so proud!

08.18.2016 at11:23 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you!

08.18.2016 at12:43 PM #

Lisa Geisinger

A new book, how exciting! Congratulations all around.

08.18.2016 at1:48 PM #


So many options with breakfast! I’d love the book!

08.18.2016 at2:03 PM #


Good luck! I hope I win the blender!

08.18.2016 at6:42 PM #

Melanie @ Nutritious Eats

Big things going on! I can’t even think about the day my children go off to college.. Hold me. Congrats on the book- it looks fabulous!

08.18.2016 at6:42 PM #

Katie Morford

I know. I’m here and I still can’t comprehend it. At the same time, it’s exciting, too.

08.19.2016 at8:34 AM #

Malaika Clelland

This book looks great! I just saw it mentioned in the September issue of Sunset magazine too!

08.20.2016 at9:33 AM #



08.20.2016 at3:11 PM #

Ms. Christian H

Congrats on your exciting new beginnings! Thanks for the chance to win!

08.20.2016 at5:52 PM #

Tara O

Your strawberries and cream smoothie looks so refreshing! Yum.

08.20.2016 at7:14 PM #


Congrats on the birth of your book! 🙂

The blender and the smoothie both look wonderful. I’ve wanted one of these Ninjas for a while.

08.20.2016 at8:04 PM #


Congrats on your new book and thanks so much for the giveaway! :] Best of luck to your daughter! I delayed my westward trajectory back to the west coast for a program I really liked out on the east coast! 😛

08.21.2016 at5:07 PM #


I have loved your Lunchbox book (the fried rice and noodle edamame are our favorites, not to mention that wicked chocolate pudding), and I can’t wait to get your Rise and Shine. Thank you for doing what you do. Our whole family benefits from your sensible and easy to follow ideas and advice.

08.21.2016 at5:07 PM #

Katie Morford

Thanks the kind of comment that makes my day. thank you!

08.22.2016 at4:53 AM #



08.22.2016 at5:08 AM #

Lauren Serra

Congratulations on the new book. I have always been a big fan of your blog and Instagram, and would love to have your recipes in my home and at my finger tips. I’m studying for the RD exam and having easy breakfasts there is crucial to get me going!!

08.22.2016 at5:11 AM #


Congratulations and thank you for being a great example on how to view food!

08.22.2016 at5:32 AM #

Lindsey H

Wishing you love & strength in the days ahead. Such an exciting time for your daughter but a difficult letting go time for you. Congratulations on your new book – I can’t wait to read it and get cooking!

08.22.2016 at6:07 AM #

Eileen Carapia

Congratulations! I’ve just discovered you. As a mom of three, school starting and a baby who’s just started solids, this would be a winning combination in my house. Especially to help break away from Cheerios and get more variety in delicious smoothies and options for mom. 🙂

08.22.2016 at6:17 AM #

Amy Leonard

Congrats Katie! So very happy for you. Will be thinking about you on that dorm move in!

08.22.2016 at6:36 AM #

Jen B

I am excited to try the new recipes. Thank you!

08.22.2016 at8:52 AM #


Ooohh! I’d much rather have a Ninja blender than a Tesla any day! Have fun taking Bella to college. Will be sending love and good vibes for gentle transitions your way. ❤️

08.22.2016 at8:52 AM #


And congrats on the book! I love the savory oatmeal ideas!

08.22.2016 at10:40 AM #

Leah Walton

It’s great to see how hard work has blossomed into good things for both of us since last summer! I’m going to have to get my hands on this book one way or another! Congratulations to you and your daughter too.

08.22.2016 at10:40 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you Leah. Nice to hear from you!

08.22.2016 at12:25 PM #


Congrats on your book, I would love to read it while I make smoothies in my Ninja, hehe! Thanks for the chance!

08.22.2016 at12:31 PM #

Angela Hendricks

Congrats on your book! How wonderful!!

08.22.2016 at1:16 PM #

Susan S.,TN

Well thats a lot to handle all at once, but also exciting new adventures are ahead of you & ur family. Congrats on the new book, looks like it is going to be jam packed with amazing DELIS recipes. Now as for ur daughter leaving for school, as much as I want to freak out u gotta be strong & supportive of this wonderful journey in her, wait til u leave her to break down (that comes from experience, lol). My kids growing up & being young men have been the hardest waves for me to conquer, I want them little again & all mine. But I know it’s time for them to start branching out and discovering what is a head of them. CONGRATS again on the new book!!

08.22.2016 at1:18 PM #

Abigail smith

The book looks amazing. Ninja is the best blender ever made.

08.22.2016 at5:46 PM #

Rana Durham

Congrats on your milestone and your new book. This is amazing as a cook i love it .

08.22.2016 at8:35 PM #

Kelly Wach

Congrats on your new book and all of your new beginnings. I too have had a few new beginnings in the past few years..

08.22.2016 at9:23 PM #

Phoebe Ashley

Congrats! So happy for you, your daughter and curling on a thruster! No matter if I win or lose I’m buying the book anyway. Because this Mom needs some new delicious recipes to keep her growing (twin) boys interested in good solid healthy beautiful food!
Thank you for posting your inspirational delights!

08.23.2016 at1:56 AM #

Melissa Johnson

Congratulations! I can’t wait to check out ur new book! I love trying new recipes!! I bought a blender then used my mom’s Ninja! It’s sooooo much better than my blender! ?

08.23.2016 at9:40 AM #


Congratulations on the book! I have enjoyed the recipe previews and will certainly be adding the book to my gift giving list (and my library) for the busy moms in my life! Best of luck to your daughter (and you) at this exciting time.

08.23.2016 at10:43 PM #

Katy Dyer

I really like the waves analogy! ( I wish I had the guts to actually try surfing!) Congrats on your book and taking your daughter to college — two big accomplishments. I also went to college on the East Coast (Boston) and loved every moment. Now that I am a Dietitian and counseling families, your book would be so helpful.

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