Biggest Gratitude Giveaway Ever!!

The prizes for this giveaway were provided gratis to Mom's Kitchen Handbook. 

If I’m doing my math right (and I’m often not doing my math right) this month marks five years since I launched Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. In those five years I’ve watched my kids grow so fast it practically hurts. My oldest wasn’t quite a teenager when I began; on Saturday she became an adult (a fact over which I find myself celebrating and grieving in equal measure).

The best part has been the connections I’ve made, with readers like you, food writers, cooking professionals, and registered dietitians. In that time, I’ve written two cookbooks, been published in magazines and newspapers, developed recipes for blogs and brands, and taught cooking and nutrition to bright-eyed and engaged children. I’ve grown as a writer, a cook, most certainly as a food photographer, and hopefully, as a mom, too.

So, by way of thank you, I’m doing my biggest Gratitude Giveaway yet by pulling together five favorite prizes for five fabulous years. TO ENTER:  Leave a comment below. You can earn extra entries by following me on Facebook here or find me on Instagram @momskitchenhandbook. Be sure to say you’ve done so in your comment below so I can keep track.  You must be 18 years or older and live in the United States to win. Contest closes one week from today, December 28, midnight PST.

Happy Anniversary to us. And Happy Holidays, too!

Now…scroll on down to lay your eyes on the prizes…

Circadian-1Prize One: A pair of any hoops from Circadian Studios, beautiful handcrafted jewelry by San Francisco designer (and longtime friend) Deanna Abney. Whether I’m running errands or taking a yoga class, it’s a practical guarantee that I’ll be sporting a pair of these beauties.

Spiralizer giveaway

Prize Two:  The most recent addition to my kitchen (and minor obsession): an Inspiralizer.I’ve been spiraliziing myself silly, turning zucchini into fresh salads and sweet potatoes into crispy, shoestring-style fries.

6_up_no_box copyPrize Three: Another recent favorite discovery: Maple Hill Creamery, a New York-based company that makes some of the tastiest organic yogurt to pass my fair lips (all from 100 percent grass fed cows). The winner here will get a goodie bag of Maple Hill’s best, including their gorgeous Greek yogurt, drinkable yogurt, and block of their new-to-the-market cheese.


Prize Four:  One lucky person will be on receiving end of a box of juicy gorgeous fresh mangos and a recipe book to go along with it. What could be better in the middle of winter’s chill than to have a taste of the tropics land on your doorstep?


Prize Five: Last but certainly not least, the United States of Pizza, a cookbook that has been lauded by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and most recently NPR. It’s a delicious tour of regional pizza recipes along with “how to” techniques on every style of pie, from New York to the Northwest.


12.21.2015 at 10:58 AM #


Congratulations, Katie, and thanks. Just started following you in Instagram. Happy holidays to you and yours!

12.21.2015 at 11:00 AM #

Ellen Galvin

This wonderful give away deserves a Hoop! Hoop! Hooray! I have been reading your blog from the beginning and I am inspiralized to win a prize. Yogurt the best ideas anywhere Mangos on this planet. May Pizza on Earth be yours…or mine. Keep on blogging.


12.21.2015 at 11:25 AM #

Jesse @ Tinder District

What an amazing milestone! I also just followed you on Facebook and Instagram. Happy holidays!

12.21.2015 at 11:41 AM #

Holly Mccormick

Love your blog, following you on Instagram

12.21.2015 at 12:46 PM #

Emily @ Sinful Nutrition

What a great giveaway and milestone! Congrats and thank you!

12.21.2015 at 1:22 PM #

Lauren Harris-Pincus

Congrats, Katie! We are all lucky to have your blog as a model to follow 🙂 xoxo

12.21.2015 at 1:32 PM #

Denise M

Congrats on five years!!

I follow on instagram @denimorse

12.21.2015 at 2:34 PM #

Cindy Gay

Happy Anniversary! You have a great blog with creative recipes.

12.21.2015 at 4:51 PM #

Amy Healy

Congrats, Katie! I’ve been following you on Facebook since reading a blurb about your book by Marion Nestle! I love your lunchbox book and have made a few HUGE winners for my 8-year-old daughter. She’s a fan of cheesy beans and the roll-up sandwiches with peanut butter, apple and granola. Thanks so much! Great work!

12.21.2015 at 6:35 PM #

Ann Paquette-Lukens

What a great giveaway! Happy 5 years and Happy Holidays!

12.21.2015 at 6:36 PM #

Ann Paquette-Lukens

I liked your page on Facebook.

12.21.2015 at 6:37 PM #

Ann Paquette-Lukens

I follow on Instagram.

12.21.2015 at 6:44 PM #


Congrats on your Blog-iversary! What great variety, love everything here 🙂

12.21.2015 at 7:55 PM #


Your blog has so many helpful, healthful recipes. Thank you.

12.21.2015 at 9:23 PM #


Happy 5 years!

12.21.2015 at 9:23 PM #


I follow on fb

12.21.2015 at 9:25 PM #


I follow on IG

12.21.2015 at 10:31 PM #


Thanks for the opportunity!

12.21.2015 at 10:33 PM #


Following you on Instagram

12.21.2015 at 10:35 PM #


Now following you on FB.

12.22.2015 at 4:07 AM #


Wow, 5 years! Congrats, and thanks for all your wise words. I would be more than thrilled to have any of those gifts arrive on my doorstep.

12.22.2015 at 4:25 AM #

Kathryn K

Have a wonderful holiday and congrats.Thx for the opportunity

12.22.2015 at 4:49 AM #

Courtney B

Congrats and happy holidays!!

12.22.2015 at 5:13 AM #


I followed you on Facebook. What a good bunch of giveaways!

12.22.2015 at 5:14 AM #

Carol Gamble

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on this milestone and you inspire me to keep trying to improve how we eat. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

12.22.2015 at 5:18 AM #


What lovely giveaways. Love your site. I’d like you on Facebook, but I liked it a long time ago!

12.22.2015 at 5:58 AM #


Look great.

12.22.2015 at 6:07 AM #

Samia Kullab

Congratulations on your milestone and for inspiring mothers and RDs (mothers also!) everywhere. Happy holidays!

12.22.2015 at 6:28 AM #


Congrats on 5 years! Thanks for all that you do!

12.22.2015 at 6:33 AM #


Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary!

12.22.2015 at 6:55 AM #


Your blog is my favorite cooking blog. I’ve been following your blog for several years. Congrats and thank you for the giveaways!

12.22.2015 at 6:55 AM #


I also follow you via Facebook.

12.22.2015 at 6:57 AM #

Cynthia Pinnock

WOW! Congratulations! Katie, it was five years ago I started following you by way of PBK. I was on their site shopping for backpacks and lunch containers. You created a video with two of your daughters highlighting what you pack in PBK lunch containers for your daughters. The most memorable idea was popping popcorn in the microwave in a brown paper bag and flavoring with cinnamon/brown sugar and salt. This became an instant hit at my house. I have followed you for the past five years and I am a better mom and cook because of your blog. May your holiday be filled with great food and great people to share it with! Thank you, Cynthia

12.22.2015 at 7:34 AM #


A great giveaway!

12.22.2015 at 7:48 AM #


Kudos to you, Katie! I always look forward to reading your posts.

12.22.2015 at 7:58 AM #

Elsa Dean

I have been a follower of yours for the last 2 years and truly appreciate your insights and yummy recipes!

12.22.2015 at 8:02 AM #


Followed on Facebook! Love your recipes and healthy eating! Wishing you happy and healthy holidays.

12.22.2015 at 8:07 AM #

Julie Blinkhorn

I just love your site! Your photos, info and your lunch box book 🙂 Wonderful!

12.22.2015 at 8:13 AM #

Ellen Bordman

Congratulations on your anniversary! Great blog!

12.22.2015 at 8:38 AM #


Happy and wonderful 5 years-celebrating you, your wisdom and generosity. Here’s hoping I’m selected. Would love to try the spiralizer as you seem smitten!

12.22.2015 at 8:47 AM #


Congratulations on your anniversary!

12.22.2015 at 8:59 AM #


Thanks for the daily inspiration on instagram. I am making multiple meals a week from the blog at this point…couldn’t do without it!

12.22.2015 at 9:02 AM #


Yeah! Congrats! I love your blog, recipes and cookbook (and met you at a cookbook event at Macy’s SF). Love it all!

I follow you on FB also.

12.22.2015 at 9:10 AM #


Congratulations! 5 years of meals is alot of food! Thank You.

12.22.2015 at 9:31 AM #


Congrats Katie on 5 great years and 3 great girls!

12.22.2015 at 9:42 AM #


Congratulations! I have enjoyed your recipes, nutritional information and delightful commentary so much! Merry Christmas, friend!

12.22.2015 at 9:52 AM #

Renee Richards

Following you everywhere! Congrats and thanks for five years of inspiration!

12.22.2015 at 9:56 AM #


Love love love! Congrats on 5 Years!

12.22.2015 at 10:24 AM #

Nikki Evans

I’m so thankful for finding your site and that you’re giving away such wonderful prizes. I’ve started following you on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so I don’t miss a thing. I’m loving what I’m learning so far!!!

12.22.2015 at 10:38 AM #

carol clark

wow congrats love your blog

12.22.2015 at 11:23 AM #

Pam R

I can’t believe it has been 5 years already!!! I would (and do) follow you anywhere 🙂

12.22.2015 at 11:26 AM #


Congrats! What a huge milestone. I’m so glad I found your blog. I love it. I follow you on both Facebook and Instagram as well.

12.22.2015 at 11:33 AM #

Kathryn morse

Congrats! Followed on instagram (@kkmorse)

12.22.2015 at 12:00 PM #

Sarah Rivera

You are an asombroso cook and thanks for reaching into the kid space with some excellent recipes that everyone loves. Have a great holiday!!

12.22.2015 at 12:09 PM #


I also follow you on facebook.

12.22.2015 at 12:11 PM #

Laura Sandstrom

Congratulations on 5 years!! Love your blog. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season and all the best in the new year.

12.22.2015 at 12:36 PM #


Congratulations, and thanks for this opportunity. The creamery products look phenomenal!

12.22.2015 at 2:04 PM #


So fun! Congratulations on 5 years and the fantastic cookbook. I will definitely be following updates on Instagram as well.

12.22.2015 at 2:10 PM #


Congratulations! I have been following you on instagram a while now(how i found out about this generous giveaway?). I just followed you on Facebook. Wishing you many more years of blogging!

12.22.2015 at 2:48 PM #

Jenna L.

Congratulations Katie!!

12.22.2015 at 3:41 PM #


Congratulations. Have learned many useful nuggets of information from you.

12.22.2015 at 5:49 PM #


I love your blog!!

12.22.2015 at 5:50 PM #


FB Follower

12.22.2015 at 5:50 PM #


Instagram follower

12.22.2015 at 6:47 PM #


Congrats on such a milestone!! Love your blog 🙂 I follow on Instagram (RD_Amy) & Twitter.

12.22.2015 at 7:42 PM #


Congratulations!! Happy Anniversary!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful milestone by giving to us ~ You rock!

12.22.2015 at 7:43 PM #


I already follow you on instagram as @zuzpetalz

12.22.2015 at 7:43 PM #


I like / follow you on Facebook as Robin Wilson.

12.22.2015 at 7:45 PM #


Congratulations on five fabulous years! And looking forward to all the good stuff you’ll write about in 2016.

12.22.2015 at 8:13 PM #


Happy happy holidays! And happy happy blogging.
I love reading your posts, and the good ideas and info you share.

12.22.2015 at 8:42 PM #

Kim L

I like you on fb, follow on Instagram and think it’s awesome your doing a giveaway! Merry Christmas!

12.22.2015 at 11:14 PM #

Cat Reyes

Awesome blog! Congratulations???

12.23.2015 at 12:20 AM #


Love your blog. Appreciate your thoughtful comments on cooking, eating, parenting and life! Your food photography is awesome. I’ve been following on Instagram for quite a while and just liked your FB page. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

12.23.2015 at 2:03 AM #

Vi Dang

Congratulation on 5 years of blogging! Look forward to many more years of humorous, informative, full of healthy recipes blogs. Like you, I’m a fan of spiralized zucchini dishes. Hope in the near future, you can include a few recipes of other spiralized veggies in your blog.

12.23.2015 at 10:40 AM #


Congrats on 5 years, what an amazing accomplishment. Such a great blog with thoughtful recipes. I know it’s so hard to keep kids away from all the junk in the world but with healthy and yummy recipes it’s a step in the right direction so thank you from a mom.

12.23.2015 at 10:44 AM #


I followed you on FB

12.23.2015 at 1:35 PM #


Yours is one of my favorite sites — always down to earth, helpful and delicious. Thanks!

12.23.2015 at 2:17 PM #


Happy Holiday to you and your family! Thank you for helping us with great eating ideas year round. I don’t instagram but happily follow you in FB and receive your emails.

12.23.2015 at 4:13 PM #

Cindy A.

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway! I actually have the Inspiralizer on my Christmas wish list. 🙂

12.23.2015 at 4:15 PM #

Cindy A.

I like you on Facebook as Cindy Aiton.

12.23.2015 at 4:15 PM #

Cindy A.

I also follow you on Instagram as @norma_watson.

12.23.2015 at 4:37 PM #

Kathleen V

I love… your blog, following you on FB and on Instagram. Thank you for not only giving me great meal ideas but strengthening my kitchen confidence. Truly inspirational. Congratulations!

12.23.2015 at 4:58 PM #

Liz - Meal Makeover Mom

Congratulations. I’m certainly glad I’ve gotten to know you through the blogging and nutrition communities. Looking forward to fun foodie adventures down the road (and fingers are crossed we can work together in Boston in November!!!) Happy Holidays to you and your family 🙂

12.23.2015 at 6:43 PM #


Thank you for this lovely giveaway!!! 🙂 Such a fun site!

12.23.2015 at 6:44 PM #


I followed on instagram as @iamalighthouse!

12.24.2015 at 10:28 AM #


I’m such a fan of your blog and your messaging of all things in moderation. ?

12.24.2015 at 5:15 PM #


Merry Christmas and congratulations on five successful years!

I follow on FB too.

12.24.2015 at 5:44 PM #

Nancy H

Congratulations on 5 years of awesome blogging! Your picture with the apron reminds me of Maria from Sound of Music? I bet that’s how you are feeling when you’re taking care of your kids and cooking for them. I hope you guys have happy holidays! Just followed you on FB ?

12.27.2015 at 11:46 AM #


Love the giveaway.

12.27.2015 at 4:39 PM #


Starting following recently-great posts!!

01.03.2016 at 2:48 PM #


Has a winner been chosen?

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