Crazy Good Giveaway: Dacor Gas or Electric Range

DR30GS-Large-661X678---RevisedCheck out this thing of beauty: it’s a shiny new Dacor range. And the folks at Dacor are generously offering it up to one lucky winner. It’s all part of the excitement surrounding my cookbook launch. Wouldn’t it be nice to bake my Sour Cherry Oatmeal Bars or Sweetie Pie Quesadillas from Best Lunch Box Ever in such style?

Known for making luxury appliances that are pretty to look at and excellent to cook on, Dacor is family-owned and American-made. This particular Distinctive range, available in either gas or electric, is valued at over $3,000.

  • You can enter using the form below by clicking “ENTER TO WIN.”
  • Earn extra entries by clicking “easy entry for all Dacor fans on Facebook.”
  • Earn a third entry by following Dacor on Twitter.

Deadline for this contest is midnight EST August 22, round about the time your wee ones will be returning to school. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to have a gorgeous new kitchen range to go along with all their back-to-school gear!

Good luck!



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Dacor donated the range for this giveaway. The opinions expressed are completely my own.


08.01.2013 at6:52 AM #


This really is crazy good!

08.01.2013 at6:52 AM #


I hope to win this nice stove as the one i have only has two burners that work.

08.01.2013 at6:52 AM #

nancy owens

I love this stove!!

08.01.2013 at9:21 AM #

Lucy D.

please, oh please, pick me!

08.02.2013 at7:38 AM #

Mike toohey

we would so love this !!!!!!!

08.02.2013 at12:58 PM #

Michael Kane

great stove would really like to own one

08.02.2013 at1:22 PM #

Sharon Harding

Have wanted this range for soooooo long!

08.02.2013 at6:20 PM #

Michelle Northcutt

My fiancee and I are in such DESPERATE need of a new oven! My baking recipes are just NOT as good with the uneven heat! Plus the handle on my oven recently broke, so it has become increasingly annoying to have to remove a dish when the handle pops right off! What a beauty!

08.02.2013 at7:11 PM #

Priscilla Skelton

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! My second hand 20+ year old stove sure could use replacing. Good luck to everyone!

08.04.2013 at7:21 AM #

christina moore

Love the stove, It is really a thing of beauty. Thank you for the giveaway, Just think of all the cakes I could bake.

08.04.2013 at8:10 AM #

Gloria Walshver

I really could use a new stove now.

08.04.2013 at1:40 PM #

Debra S

Well, some people could understand just how bad I want to win this! MY stove has not worked properly in many years. I can’t bake in it…. I wish I could bake again…

08.05.2013 at10:15 AM #



08.05.2013 at10:30 AM #

Karen Knight

I LOVE this OVEN – it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Pls pick me!!

08.05.2013 at11:08 AM #

Robert Jackson

It would be a beauty to own!

08.05.2013 at12:16 PM #

Debra Holloway

What a great stove, I really need one my oven died, may it rest in peace.

08.05.2013 at1:04 PM #

Katie M.

Amazing giveaway! Hope I win to replace my 15 year old GE electric range ;-(

08.05.2013 at1:09 PM #


Would LOVE to own this beauty!!

08.05.2013 at1:13 PM #

Maria M.

I am so in need of a good stove…and I’ve been eyeing the Dacor for quite some time. Would love to try some of your recipes on this stove. 🙂

08.05.2013 at1:23 PM #

Sydney Mathis

I have the perfect place for this amazing range. Can we say “show stopper”?

08.05.2013 at1:48 PM #

Mark Angelo Gramaglia

at’s ah nice range!

08.05.2013 at1:49 PM #


OMG>> I love this chance you are giving me to win>> I even know someone to give my used range to. Thank you so much>>>dreams <3

08.05.2013 at1:54 PM #


I want it!!!! This is an awesome piece of equipment!

08.05.2013 at1:54 PM #

Debra Miller

I can only dream about what delicious meals I would make with that stove. Fingers crossed…

08.05.2013 at1:58 PM #


It is a thing of beauty!!

08.05.2013 at2:10 PM #


Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous stove!!

08.05.2013 at2:10 PM #

Linda Licker

I had a double Dacor wall oven in my old home. My current home has a single wall oven, builder grade and I am devastated. Baking without my Dacor oven is a chore rather than a joy. I would love to win the oven in your give-away.

08.05.2013 at2:11 PM #

Kerowin St Clair

Oh how I would love to win this. Our range is old, sometimes the burners works sometimes not..and the oven is about 20 degrees hotter than it should be! Fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone 🙂

08.05.2013 at2:11 PM #

Jacque Hubbard

Best of luck to you, as I am in the same situation at the moment. #GODSPEED

08.05.2013 at2:17 PM #


What a beautiful range. I have just the place for it.

08.05.2013 at2:20 PM #

Beth Precious

It’s been a dream for soooo long to have a stove to cook for my family.

08.05.2013 at2:24 PM #


Wow! How cool would this be in our kitchen!!! My husband is the cook and he’d love the gas version…even if we currently have electric. It would get us to switch over!

08.05.2013 at2:53 PM #


Desperately need a new stove! This one is primo!

08.05.2013 at2:53 PM #

Joyce Schwartz

This is so nice of you and Dacor. My stove has a broken burner and I’ve always adored this brand. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one! Oh, and my oven has never been level so all my cakes come out lopsided. It’s my trademark.

08.05.2013 at2:56 PM #

Nicholas Schwartz

My wife would love this for our 40th anniversary. And I’d be a hero!

08.05.2013 at2:58 PM #

Deb Browne

10 yr old kitchen aid and oven quit working a yr. ago. Have to rely on toaster oven, no money to fix or replace it!

08.05.2013 at3:04 PM #

margaret lane

the only way i will ever have a stove this nice will be if i win one

08.05.2013 at3:16 PM #


Would love to win this

08.05.2013 at3:22 PM #

Linda Shaffer

Very, very nice!

08.05.2013 at3:26 PM #


Wow what an awesome prize!!

08.05.2013 at3:41 PM #

Linda Parker

This range is gorgeous. My old one is begging to be replaced by this beauty!

08.05.2013 at3:47 PM #

maggie sanders

This is a great kitchen range.

08.05.2013 at3:58 PM #

Merdith Putman

Great appliances!!

08.05.2013 at4:04 PM #

Kathy Jensen

I can’t tell you how much we NEED this!!!

08.05.2013 at4:54 PM #

sherry lareau

This is beautiful! I am in the process of remodeling my home right now so this would be a wonderful present for me.

08.05.2013 at4:55 PM #

Laura Faye

Love Dacor products!

08.05.2013 at4:59 PM #

Dave Aldrich-Thorpe

Great looking – would love to upgrade my kitchen.

08.05.2013 at5:46 PM #

Barbara Swanner

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such a beautiful stove.

08.05.2013 at5:48 PM #

Patricia Boyle

I love this gas stove.

08.05.2013 at5:57 PM #


Oh, I’d love to have this Cadillac of ranges. It would be an amazing win.

08.05.2013 at6:13 PM #

marie Shuman

I would need a gas stove and would love this in my home I cant afford to get one right now and sure would be the greatest ever for feeding my family of seven tweeting @marieshuman

08.05.2013 at6:15 PM #

Sharon Malinowski

My stove is on its last leg at 20 years. Maybe its a good excuse to stop cooking.

08.05.2013 at6:28 PM #

Gerald R

Super Nice!

08.05.2013 at6:57 PM #

Robert Shank

Thanks for the chance to win.

08.05.2013 at6:58 PM #

Sharon J

I Love this stove, its the most beautiful stove I have ever seen!!!!

08.05.2013 at7:01 PM #


Our stove is on its last legs right now so this would be perfect since we cannot afford to buy a new or even used one right now.

08.05.2013 at7:02 PM #

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

Great giveaway! Such a perfect gift.

08.05.2013 at7:23 PM #


She’s a beaut! I’d love to win this range!

08.05.2013 at8:03 PM #


Good luck to all….i dreamed of winning a viking range, for some reason I really thought I was gonna win..ha ha I believe I even had a bout of depression…ps sweet comments don’t help…may the winner enjoy!

08.05.2013 at8:45 PM #

Michelle Hamby

I would love to win this!! Nice!!

08.05.2013 at9:36 PM #


would be an awesome stove to win

08.06.2013 at4:07 AM #


Great givaway!

08.06.2013 at4:43 AM #


My dream oven.

08.06.2013 at6:20 AM #


What a great gift this would be.

08.06.2013 at6:26 AM #


My stove/ oven is on its last legs. We lost our jobs 3+ years ago. We are praying we get a job before our oven breaks down completely. We really need to win this one.

08.06.2013 at12:02 PM #

M Daniela Cirillo

Please I need a new one and beautiful stove , before Thanksgiving !! Thank you for this chance!!

08.06.2013 at12:38 PM #

kathy wanat

I need a new range

08.06.2013 at12:38 PM #

Donna Yost

What a amazing giveaway!! Our stove is on its last legs… you can put it on 250 and it will burn everything lol Would love to win this thanks so much for the chance!

08.06.2013 at5:34 PM #


I could use a new stove!

08.06.2013 at5:42 PM #

Willard Whiteman


08.06.2013 at7:34 PM #

Dorene Kranik

This would be awesome to win.

08.06.2013 at8:41 PM #

cindy character

would love to win

08.07.2013 at7:23 AM #

Mary Stovall

Thanks for this Crazy Good ‘giveaway’! DACOR Gas and/or Electric Ranges are an excellent choice. That I’ve heard so much about! I wish I could experience all-the-goodness.

08.07.2013 at8:00 AM #

Sue Brown

Would love a new range!

08.07.2013 at8:06 AM #

Shirley Dillard

This is a great giveaway.I would love to win this because I love to cook for alot of people.

08.07.2013 at1:13 PM #

Amy Ledesma

Oh Wow I love it and I need a new one. Thanks for the chance.

08.07.2013 at5:41 PM #


I following you on twitter @MintaB

08.07.2013 at8:37 PM #

Donnah D.

I tried to enter but II can’t get rafflecopter to work.

08.07.2013 at9:58 PM #

Walter Warren

My stove is 22 years old and is shot. I need this stove! Help me LORD.

08.08.2013 at5:07 PM #


this is just GREAT’…
as JEAN HARLOW would say about this sweeps!

08.08.2013 at5:48 PM #


That stove is just gorgeous, it would make for a great start to fall around my place!

08.08.2013 at5:59 PM #


This is a wonderful opportunity to win. What a great stove!!!

08.08.2013 at7:37 PM #


This is absolutely the most gorgeous appliance! Love it.

08.08.2013 at8:24 PM #

Mary Lou MacKenzie

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway/contest. The stove is beautifully designed and like everyone else, I would be thrilled to be using it in my kitchen. I’ll be praying to win too 🙂 as my stove is now 28 years old – bought it in 1985!!!

08.10.2013 at8:14 AM #



08.10.2013 at10:38 AM #


this would be just GREAT to win!

08.10.2013 at1:03 PM #


Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway! My oven is so old and, quite frankly, it’s not a whole lot better than an Easy Bake Oven.

08.10.2013 at1:16 PM #

margaret peg m

hi, ‘dacor’ has some quality appliances that any kitchen would love…great giveaway.

08.10.2013 at8:04 PM #


I would love to have this! We don’t have an oven currently…

08.11.2013 at3:51 AM #

donna g fulton

That really is awesome

08.12.2013 at7:29 AM #

Diana Cote

What an amazing prize! I would love to win this, ours is just plain awful, it either burns things or takes way too long to cook anything and don’t even get me started on the oven door. haha

08.12.2013 at3:52 PM #


All our holidays, birthdays, seasonal festivities have been successful because of our Dacor range! Really! I have had a Dacor electric range (12 years) and it is on its very last repair. Our family, friends, and neighbors would appreciate this home receiving a new Dacor range!

08.12.2013 at3:55 PM #


With new family living with us, the range gets a workout every single day , all day long! Ours is not working and the repair man says it time to replace, however, the costs are beyond! Dacor is a workhorse and would be perfect.

08.12.2013 at4:47 PM #


Beautiful range!

08.13.2013 at4:23 AM #


What a generous giveaway! We have been “nursing” our current range since we moved into our home 6 years ago. We are ready for this Dacor range to help us improve our dinner-at-home success rate.

08.13.2013 at2:00 PM #


Wouldn’t it be grand to have a new stove!!? Mine is well over 10 years old and needs to be replaced!!

08.14.2013 at3:14 AM #


Beautiful! And I need a new range.

08.14.2013 at11:34 PM #

Linda Lind

What a beautiful gas range. I need a new range soon. It’s been one of my dreams since we’ve moved into our home a few years ago. I need something better than a glass top range that can handle a canning pot better.

08.15.2013 at3:43 AM #

Anita L

What a beautiful range! I’d be honored to have this in my kitchen. Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

08.15.2013 at10:49 AM #

Jacque Hubbard

WHAT a HUUUUGE blessing this would be for my family and I. #GoodLuckEV1

08.15.2013 at11:08 AM #

Tammy Horn

Wow! My oven quit working several months ago:( Who doesn’t have an oven? Me. 🙁 I’ve been using stove top and a slow cooker all this time. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for this very generous giveaway!

08.15.2013 at12:10 PM #


This would be such a blessing to get. Ours completely died and are unable to buy a new since I lost my job. It would make cooking for my babies so much easier!

08.16.2013 at10:00 PM #

megan updike

Wow our leaks so this would Rock!

08.17.2013 at10:30 AM #

Linda Meranda

Thank you for the chance

08.18.2013 at3:41 PM #



08.19.2013 at11:54 AM #

Blessie Nelson

I am so excited to see your awesome giveaway! Thank you! This would be a much needed blessing to win!

08.19.2013 at11:32 PM #


THIS IS A PERFECT STOVE ! I need it, I want it, I love it!

08.20.2013 at1:27 PM #

sheila hurt

I could really cook up a storm with this stove!

08.21.2013 at1:10 PM #

Timothy Helmer


08.21.2013 at2:44 PM #

Sharalyn Z

Fingers crossed!

08.21.2013 at4:10 PM #

Nina C.

The MARILYN MONROE of stoves, and soooo easy to fall in love with!

08.22.2013 at10:02 AM #

Stacy Ferrell

Wow. I’d probably faint if I won this awesome appliance. It would make cooking easier and the cleaning up afterwards much more enjoyable. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

08.22.2013 at10:07 AM #

Maggie Smith

What a gorgeous girl she is! I would be honored to cook on her! Thanks for the shot!

08.22.2013 at10:13 AM #

LiesjeMarie Fennimore

I’d be honored & feel extremely blessed to be able to bake for my family & friends with this – I’m praying/wishing/hoping 🙂 THANX FOR CHANCE TO WIN THIS AWESOME GORGEOUS DACOR OVEN

08.22.2013 at10:17 AM #

sharon wisniewski

I would love to win this…………gas………..please. Ha

08.22.2013 at10:24 AM #


I love Dacor… and would love to win this amazing new stove!

08.22.2013 at10:24 AM #

stephanie torres

This win would be an all time score!

08.22.2013 at10:34 AM #

Deborah M Bugter

Holidays are coming! Would love to have this range to bake with my grandchildren….

08.22.2013 at10:38 AM #

Sand Hughes

A very generous giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!

08.22.2013 at10:39 AM #


It would really really be nice to win this as I don’t have a working oven or a stove top only a microwave… and a very old toaster oven… thanks to my tenants lou and donna palmer,,

08.22.2013 at10:57 AM #

Judy Lapak

Love it!

08.22.2013 at11:05 AM #

suzy colson

hope I win!! great contest!!

08.22.2013 at11:10 AM #

Kathy Jensen

I cannot say how much I NEED this!!! I am down to one burner on my electric stove, and only the middle of the element is working. Makes cooking very interesting…and I cook ALL the time! I would sure put this stove to good work!!!

08.22.2013 at11:59 AM #


On my wish list 4 EVER

08.22.2013 at2:31 PM #

Maureen Hawkins

I am still enjoying my second Dacor oven and my original Dacor cooktop (about 25 years now!). This range would make our “new “(under reconstruction) vacation/retirement cabin the dream getaway we are wanting for our golden years. Here’s hoping!!

08.22.2013 at2:46 PM #

Linda Banwarth

I have been looking for a Gas Stove like this DACOR.. It has the slide over top grates.

08.22.2013 at2:47 PM #

Tracy Summerland

My top element in my oven is not working, would love to have my whole stove working again. Better yet, would love to have this magnificent range !!!!

08.22.2013 at5:09 PM #

Lisa Raszka

My 10 yr old is baking french macarons as we speak – on her own, from scratch, in my old oven that could (barely!). Would love to have a beautiful range for her to bake her lovelies in! Thank you so much for this opportunity! <3

08.22.2013 at5:12 PM #

Sharon Joffey

Would LOVE this have been asking and hinting for a new one for awhile and my Birthday is at the end of the month sure would make a nice Birthday Present for this gal.

08.22.2013 at5:36 PM #


Beautiful range!

08.22.2013 at6:46 PM #

Carmen Delgado

I dream about this Dacor 30″ Distinctive range. Oh the meals I could make!

08.22.2013 at8:08 PM #

Manda Marie

Such a beautiful range, WOW! Thank you so very much for the chance, I could see me spending more time in the kitchen just admiring it. 🙂

08.22.2013 at8:11 PM #

Janet Lloyd Kalisch

Thank you for offering this great contest. The range in beautiful. What a great idea….we all need one that’s for sure.

08.22.2013 at8:11 PM #

Gregg Shonka

Would love to have this stove. It puts our old one to shame!

08.22.2013 at8:18 PM #

beth kelsay

GREAT giveaway!! Entered the refflecopter but only see 2 ways to get an entry not 3

08.23.2013 at7:52 AM #

Cheryl Wetherington

I would love to enter, but the rafflecopter is saying the contest is over.

08.23.2013 at7:52 AM #

Katie Morford

I’m sorry to say it is indeed closed. I will post a note on the page.

08.27.2013 at10:24 AM #

Karen Knight

AH – this is great that you are having this Contest!!! I hope I am not too late in entering. I would love to win one of those beauties. I would prefer Gas though.

12.17.2017 at12:49 AM #

Lucy Rapposelli

Would love to have this in Electric. Mine just caught on fire in the back. Dealing the best I can with other appliances. Lol

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