Easy Easter Menu

An Easter table set with lamb chops, carrots, biscuits, and other food with a white tablecloth

See this spread? I made it yesterday, a Tuesday, after dropping the kids off at school, walking the dog in Golden Gate Park for an hour, and making a pit stop at the market. The meal was on the table, ready for its close up, before noon. My point isn’t to showcase my speed in the kitchen or to make you wonder why on earth I’m doing Easter dinner 12 days early (though Mr. Mom’s Kitchen was thrilled to have lamb chops instead of lentils on Taco Tuesday).

Keep it Simple

My point is to say this: Holidays don’t have to be so hard. To help bring ease to the endeavor of Easter, I’ve gathered up a handful of celebration-worthy recipes and assembled them into a menu that won’t take you days to prepare. In fact, with a little help (kids can be excellent here), you can get the job done in under a couple of hours. Below you’ll find links to the recipes as well as suggestions and “make-ahead” tips to tackle the job without breaking a sweat. Keep in mind that most of these recipes serve 4 to 6, so scale up (or down) depending on how many will be at your Easter table. 

A simple Easter Menu


Light Nibbles 

Smashed Pea toast

When it comes to appetizers, I tend to keep it simple: a dish of olives, slender breadsticks, a plate of seasonal crudité, for example. This is in part to minimize time in the kitchen and also to keep guests (read: children) from spoiling their appetites.  If you want to get a little fussier, check out this Smashed Pea Toast or this simple crostini (subbing in figs or strawberries for persimmons this time of year), this Beautiful Beet Hummus, or this Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Tart. Alternatively, you can outsource the appetizer to a willing guest, so you needn’t lift a finger until it’s time for the main event.


Little Lamb Chops with Mint Gremolata: Simple chops are lightly seasoned, cooked in a hot skillet, and topped with a mega flavorful pesto-like sauce.  Side note: If you’re serving a crowd, it may make sense to opt for a lamb roast in lieu of lamb chops (one big piece of meat rather than lots of little chops to contend with). The Mint Gremolata will be a delicious accompaniment, regardless, just make sure to scale up the amount based on the number of people being served.

Roasted Carrots with Harissa Yogurt:  Carrots get tossed with olive oil, lemon and spices and roasted until just tender and served on savory Greek yogurt.

Green Salad with Everyday Vinaigrette:  A simple salad of butter lettuce or other favorite greens is dressed with my favorite vinaigrette. Feel free to embellish with toasted hazelnuts or crumbled goat cheese.

Biscuits/Rolls: You can roll up your sleeves and make your own biscuits or dinner rolls, hit up your favorite bakery, or simply warm a baguette until nice and crusty. Either way, pair with good salty butter (I have a soft spot for Kerrygold).


Berries in a Cloud is a favorite spring/summer dessert.  It involves little more than folding together whipped cream and Greek yogurt and serving it with fresh berries (the season’s first strawberries may be available). Alternatively, try this recipe for Strawberry Eton Mess.

Meal Prep Game Plan

If you want to get a head start on this meal — freeing up your Easter Sunday to raid your children’s baskets attend church — here’s a make-ahead game plan:

Two days ahead

Make and refrigerate vinaigrette

Wash, dry, and refrigerate lettuce

One Day Ahead

Make and refrigerate Mint Gremolata (lay plastic wrap directly on gremolata to maintain color)

Stir together and refrigerate Harissa Yogurt

Chill white wine/champagne/beer/bubbly water

Easter Day

Assemble pre-dinner nibbles

Make (or heat up) biscuits/rolls/baguette

Season and cook lamb chops

Finish and roast carrots; serve over Harissa Yogurt

Take vinaigrette out of fridge an hour in advance

Dress salad

Prep and assemble Berries in a Cloud (if serving)


03.29.2016 at8:23 AM #

Anne C.

We gave your menu for our Easter Dinner a try this year and everybody loved it. The chops were delicious — the Mint Gremolata sauce made all the difference. We added scalloped potatoes for the vegetarians in the family. And after trying for 20+ years of Lamb Cake mold disasters, we were more than ready to try a new cake. My 5-year old niece helped make a decorate the very manageable and sweet bunny cake. Thanks for the inspiration! This may be our new Easter menu.

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